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  1. Thanks AGN54 - I use them all the time lol, I just sometimes dont even know the materials I tie with, I just know how to use them lol - thanks tho buddy
  2. LOL i apologize, i use the schallpen feathers all the time, i dont even know the name of my materials lol, i just know how to tie with them!
  3. Never tried Schlappen = whats it used for???
  4. Crease Flies tied with a 4/0 hook Tied a bunch more but onbly took a pic of a few of them...
  5. Small weighted lobster and/or shrimp flies
  6. Mix between or could be one or the other - NY Lobster or Southern Tarpon Fly - tied on 3/0 big game saltwater shortshank hook
  7. Sick ass flies! Really like all the bugs, especially the crabs! - isnt funny how most of the time the simple patterns outfish the super crazy realistic flie??? Great job on these. The last picture of those flies to the right, whats the fly name of them? I think they would work great in NY, i may try to tie some up - thanks!
  8. Definitley agree, done bringing it up - just clearing the air
  9. Incase anyone was wondering and also on behalf of PeterJay, we spoke privately about this situation and handled it with no problems. We are both hardcore anglers and hardcore with emotions. We meant no harm and both just mis-understood the situation. I am very glad we could resolve this with no problems at all. I am a very bigtime dog lover and have two english bulldogs myself! It is a terribly thing of what they do to these poor animals to get fur, now I realize that. Thanks PeterJay for everything - glad we worked everything out.
  10. LOL love it! Thanks for the great comments. I need to get to your level tho, I think the fish know the bottom of your boat by heart with some of your excellent life like flies - I am pretty sure your probably hammer on whatever fish you choose! Going to put in a large fly tying order sometime this week and going to try out the clear cure goo! Thanks again
  11. Different types of Flatwing Variation Flies, tied on 1/0 to 3/0 big game gamo saltwater hooks
  12. To be very honest I never knew this is how they got fur from dogs - thats FUC*KEN terrible! So i apologize and did not mean to harm anyone. If you really read my posts all i was stateing was all animals should be treated equally, thats all i meant
  13. Selling, transporting, manufacturing with, or importing dog fur in the U.S. violates federal law. And anybody who doesn't think dogs are special is invited to raise a hand to me in the presence of the dog in my avatar. Name another animal that will defend you with its life. And I'll comment on anything I damned well please. i don't see anything wrong with using dog hair in flies, i have a pet rabbit, and i use rabbit fur. coyotes are also dogs, and people use there fur for flies. I def agree Dustin - thats all i was trying to say, i love dogs just as much as the next person does - again i will say it, i have two english bulldogs and love them, however many animals and/or pets are used in fly tying - what gives us the right regarding just dogs? thats all i was saying. Thank you for the back up as well.
  14. Whatever you say pal - we are all entitled to our own thoughts. I totally agree with you I think its wrong to harm any dog in that matter. I def agree with that, I have two english bulldogs - but i dont need to hear a tough guy act from you. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, i was not trying to get any mad - you put your two cents in and i put my two cents in. If you are looking for an arguing match then you can speak to someone else or go comment in another forum. Like stated above I am totally with you regarding dogs and I know exactly what goes on in China, but instead of jumping the gun maybe you can just ask me instead of jumping down my throat. I WILL SAY IT AGAIN, i am not trying to upset anyone, i posted about clear cure goo.
  15. Thanks Panama, i am def going to grab some and possibly try out some of the other clear cure products as well
  16. Im sorry but if you use any fur than its tough to say a comment about being against a website because they sell a certain type of fur? What give us a right to judge animals stating dog is better than another animal? All i was asking about was clear cure lol
  17. I hope you know its wild dog right>? You know theres a difference between so called pet dogs and wild dogs? And really whats the difference bewteen a dog A raccoon or squirrel? They are all wild - i like bears den very much
  18. On the bears den website it is $41 for the kit which includes 10ML of the thick and 10ML of the thin and the UV light Bearsden have tons of stuff for some great prices - they also have bug bong and the new tuff cure goo www.bearsden.com
  19. Two of my favorite squid flies for Striped Bass during the Spring Squid Run Large Adult Squid & Baby Squid
  20. Did not mean to put the question mark - The clear cure goo company has excellent customer service!
  21. Good evening everyone , Before I hit my tying dungeon I would like some advice on the Clear Cure Goo topic - thank you all in advance From what I understand epoxy is in the old ages lol - clear cure goo is the newest and greatest quick so called epoxy method out, what does everyone think about this? I am going to the somerset show in NJ with joe blados next friday and i am going to be buying TONS of materials and ordering some online as well - does everyone think its cheaper to buy at a show? or order online? Also what does everyone think of clear cure goo? I have used it 2x and fell in love with it - also their company has excellent customer service? Thanks!
  22. Hope everyone knows I was just kidding about agn54 only responding to my post lol - THANK YOU to everyone for the great comments - A great website I found (whom I am sure everyone knows about) is bearsden.com - they have tons of thick and long/thin saddle hackles for 20 to 60$ - check them out, I really like their materials plus they have 1000 eyes both stick on and 3d for pretty cheap - thanks again everyone really appreciate the help!
  23. I love using mono thread of mainly all my flies, i use both the fine and medium mono - just gives the fly a transparent look and really seems to make a difference when fish are picky or fishing is tough, thats my own personal opinion from being a 1st mate on two top charter boats on long island - plus you can wrap in nice body material and use the mono to "bleed" it through the fly
  24. Tons of people view my flies and not one person can give me any answer but you so far lol - I thank you for that. I totally agree about the fly, my buddy gave me a few last spring and its hard to say what it looks like food wise but the thing is it just has such a sweet action in the water and just looks so tempting for the fish lol, really like the flies for bass blues and weakfish, i am sure you can create many styles, i just need to make sure i can get the long thin hackles - thanks for your input it is appreciated
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