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  1. The two seaducer/ small whistler (kinda) flies is my varation of them, this is the way I like to tie them only because they seem to work for the Striped (why change something if it works) ! Other fly is a BIGEYE Deciever Also a quick question for anyone viewing my flies - I want to get into tying DC Wiggler type flies - are long thin saddle hackles just called long thin saddle hackles? I apologize if its a dumbass question - thanks fellows and enjoy the pics! Also I usually order 99% of my fly tying materials from JStockard.com or stock up at a show. I will be going to SOMERSET FLY SHOW in NJ next friday with Capt Joe Blados (Inventor of the crease fly, who may not know of him, excellent guide and person) Where does everyone get their supplies from regarding an online website? Thanks again:)!
  2. Tidewater I wish more people in this world were as nice as you! Thanks again for the comments. Are you back to the bench yet? I know you are dieing to get back into some hardcore tieing, I am always dieing to see some of your current patterns and learn from your advice. She sneak to the bench late at night
  3. Clouser flies - all tied with the new big game 1/0 short shank saltwater gamo hook
  4. Thanks Capt! Sweet brochure! I email you back on it too!
  5. Thanks fellas - google "squid cicle fly" theres a nice video, easy to tie and make your own adjustments. They swim real nice in the water! Peter jay i did not know that about rabbit fur, thank you for the advice!
  6. Thank you sir, going to post the reciepe - not bad of a tie at all - remember to let me know when those art boxes come in so i can send out those crease flies buddy
  7. I am very happy you let me know that info - could you please send me a brochure to my email address - [email protected] thanks so much! Thanks for everything Capt, wish more people were as helpful and curtious as yourself, great business attitude for the economy we are in! Also if you would like to email me any other info please do so, thanks again
  8. Squid Imitations tied on 1/0 to 2/0 big game short shank saltwater gamo hooks.
  9. Baitfish flies and a flatwing fly
  10. Def go with fly tyers dungeon, i put my order in last week and recieved in it 5 days - with plenty of extras also - i am from NY - also call him or email him and he can personalize whatever you want, great customer service for me, never slow with any of my orders, longest was 5 days
  11. Can not ask for a better reply than that! Thank you very much for the info, it is greatly appreciated - do you run charters yourself? (sorry if its a dumb question, i am from NY waters)
  12. Skull head baitfish streamer series -Mackerel -White Baitfish -Green Batfish
  13. Thanks Capt - appreciate the kind words, if you dont mind me asking whats some nice colors for down south? I commercial fish and work out of Long Island NY waters - every winter I like to go to the keys or boca raton and fly fish - this year i would like to catch some fish on my own flies - thanks again!
  14. Thank you! I def agree, it should be a staple when fish are feeding on medium to big baitfish - great action in the water and you can use permanent markers to imitate any baitfish in your area
  15. Love bendbacks as well! Nice looking fly!
  16. Red body with yellow hair - Nightime crease fly Fender baitfish fly
  17. My fav flies to use when peanut bunker, moss bunker and other large baitfish come into my area!
  18. No problem everyone, thanks for all your help - looks like some real nice stuff, the company sent me an email and they were very nice in the email - you cant beat the materials for those prices!
  19. http://www.promiselandranch.net/index.html Good evening everyone, hope all is well. Please check out the above website and scroll down to the bottom of the page where the fly tying items are. The prices look wonderful!!!! to me however I would like some other peopls opinions on this website as well. Everything from black bear fur to fox and so on! Please give me some advice if you would order from this site or not, looks like some great fur ect - thanks!
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