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  1. Very true sir! Posting some of my fav epoxy flies! Check em out! Thanks for a nice convo and advice!
  2. I def agree. I am right there with you I have to fly dryers and love using epoxy. The price is nuts for clear cure goo! And I do the exact same, I go to my hardware store and grab my epoxies! I think epoxy holds up great and once you learn to work with it you can create some pretty neat things! I also heard "knot sense" from Loon products is a very good alternative to clear cure goo and a lot cheaper????
  3. Thanks brotha! I will take all the advice I can get man. I love trying new things and tying up flies with new materials! My fav fly to tie is prob popoviks surf cady, very life like, i really like super hair for small expoy imitations but all i hear about now is to put the epoxy down and go with the clear cure goo - what do you think about that stuff?
  4. Thank you for the kind words, always appreciate nice comments !!
  5. The flies below are all small baitfish patterns for April into May and June. All the fish moving in our on small bait. These flies work great for me and are simple to tie. I like fishing them on an intermediate line or floating with flurocarbon leader. They work great for fluke as well if you tie with some .35 wire and use a sinking or sinktip line.
  6. A crease fly with a closed mouth will cut and slide thru the water like a slider, a screaming mouth creates popping nd slurrping noises which I believe fish love. I even put rattles inside my crease flies also since they are made out of foam, when casted n when they hit the water they dnt make much noise keeping fish around, some large poppers may scare fish if they hit the water with a large splash
  7. Joes Banger Flies AKA Bob Popoviks Banger Fly
  8. Big Ugly is one of my fav flies to get a "sluggo" type action with a fast stripping motion to intice large striped bass. Mr Fluke is a small Jiggy fly tied with tan and white super hair and some flash of your choice. Great for catching fluke using a sinking line with a short leader. With this color fly I had 19 fluke off the beach one day
  9. 2 Crease Flies and a mini Pencil Popper. Both Crease Flies have screaming mouths. Sorry about the dam pics - from my phone
  10. Very nice pattern and fly, thanks! love catching and watching largies behind a surface fly!
  11. Popoviks 3D Baitfish or Bucktail Deciever
  12. Yea thats what I hear in NY as well. I am actually speaking with a guy in British Columbia and he own a very large fly business, webfliesbc and swears by the stuff!
  13. Small and large Jiggy Flies. Small one is made with craft fur, large made with bucktail. These seem to sink faster then clousers for fast current fishing.
  14. LOL very true it is a sickness, but a great one indeeed! Every night after work I always try to tie, lets me clear my mind and dream of catching big bass during cold winter months in NY lol! Thank you!
  15. I like the nails also. how do you like clear goo?
  16. Apologize about the pictures. Large and Small Mylar and pearl EZ body minnows
  17. Exactly what tide water stated above! Crease flies are prob my favorite top water lure. Dont forget you can make really small ones to very large ones, on some of my crease flies i use a 6/0 hook and wire leader to create a hook eye then fold my foam around that and proceed with the normal protocol. My typical hooks for crease flies are 1/0 and 2/0 long shank saltwater hooks. Whatever hooks you do have just match up the foam to the hook and cut and shape!
  18. On your crease flies create the mouth to have a "screaming action" aka open mouth. Also you can take foam and create a similiar shape to the mouth of the fly, next take that circlular piece of foam and stick it inside the mouth and epoxy it in, this creates a "slurping" noise for the fly, fish love it! Like stated above make sure you have enough gap of the hook showing, trust me it makes a huge difference, I learned in the beginning of my crease fly making when fish would hit and i would only hook up with about 50% - now i use the proper hooks and use sand paper to sand down the bodies (if needed) to create a nice amount of gap. Nice flies!
  19. Green and white foam body Gurgler with 4/0 wide gap gamo hook. If I trim the head down another 1/2 inch I will have a slider. Should work great when the striped bass are tailing around during a very calm ocean morning!
  20. Instead of the normal bucktail and/or fishair that is used for the tail on crease flies, I used marabou...check em out! Thanks!
  21. Hello everyone - When I fly fish for bass in my local creeks and inlets, I love using crease flies and watch the bass come up behind the fly! My fav! Anyhow I have used and made all different types of crease flies but the picture below seems to be the bass's fav, I am not sure why or what it representes but the bass love it. It is a small tiny crease fly, prob 1.5inch in size, holographic gold body, white bottom, red "screaming" mouth with a 2;0 long shank gamo hook, black bucktail with gold flash. The bass may think its an anchovie? Who knows...even when the bass are on sand eels or large bunker they still eat this little fly better than any other top water lure I have used. Just FYI for everyone incase they want to try this color. This color was introduced to me by Captain Joe Blados, who is my right hand man and who I fish with all throughout the summer, he is the originator of the crease fly. Also being first mate on charter boats I strictly believe colors play a large role in catching a lot of fish on some days. Lets face it sometimes when the bass are in a feeding frenzy they will eat anything you throw at them, but on different times certain colors sizes ect play a huge role, thats what keeps me amped up in this fishing world - when you finally think you have figured it out you have only begun! Tight lines everyone!
  22. Household Silicone GE 2 - what about yourself? Are you also a clear cure goo user?
  23. Large silicone baitfish with 5/0 gamo hook and olive SF flash blend & 4 inch crease fly with 4/0 gamo hook with silver body and green vertical back
  24. Thank you for answering the question, it is much appreciated!
  25. Thanks for the great comments. Yes I did coat the mylar tubing. I made two clicker flies, on one I used light epoxy and on the other I used clear cure goo,
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