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  1. In my description of the fly its called a variation of sellers - more like a jiggy - i wanted to imitate the jiggy motion and yes it does this for me
  2. Thank you guys very much! I am picking up some coloring for it tomorrow and tomorrow night will be messing around with the fly! It is not hard at all, just a little tricky. Check out peterjays website he listed, it shows step by step, The head of the fly is CCG thick and the body is CCG flexible. Tomorrow I am going to try to add gills, coloring, scaled, ect. I created molds for spearing, peanut bunker and sandeels - so we will see. If i can get these right they may be a nice fly (extra weapon) (some people want to kill me for calling this a fly lol)
  3. Reviewed a pattern by Capt Chris Newsome - The Blasphemy. Chris - Thanks for an awesome pattern idea! Took this idea and devloped a fully flexible Threadfin Shad. This is my first try and I am pretty happy with the results. The CCG Flexible lets the body become very flex oriented which creates pretty nice swimming action and also for dead drifts. Going to create more with gills, inner "guts", and other flash effects. These pictures are a 3 inch Threadfin Glass Shad The head is made with CCG Thick then then entire body is CCG flex. Going to create other small baitfish with this pattern as well.
  4. IF ANYONE NEEDS POLAR BEAR PLEASE PM ME - I HAVE A BODY WHOLE SELLS IT AND HAS GREAT PRICES Really gives nice accent to flies, has great action and Capt Bob Lemay nailed it right on the head! Thanks Bob for your input. I have been reading your email updates regarding your fishing trips, looks like your doing well as usual!
  5. Thanks rich! CCG - Clear Cure Goo - check out website www.clearcuregoo.com I really like the stuff a lot, you can make some really great imitations, it is the same as epoxy but cures in 7seconds and has different versions like thick, thin, flexible (which creates a felxible body that has fish hold on longer, and fleck which creates glitter scale affects inside the glue) rich - check out the website with videos and info, great customer service as well! anymore questions just PM me
  6. Surf Candies using CCG Flex First two pics are spearing imitations Last two pics are a metallic finish surf candy
  7. Whats up Jam - I know many people tie their clousers with the flash first then the hair - I have alwaysed like my KF on top, to me it imitates scale like patterns, - thats the way I like to tie them and have caught well for me - give it a try!
  8. Hey peter jay - what do you think the wolly bugger resembles to blues bass ect - i am assuming small baitfish of some sort I have never tied a wolly bugger before lol - checked online, fly does not look that tough but who am I to say that. Looks like the fly has awesome movement in the water! All i do is tie a wolly bugger on a saltwater hook?> What about using a marabou tail?
  9. AGN - great idea with the blondes! lol - I totally forgot about that pattern, they work great as well! Thanks for the great reminder!
  10. Buddy of mine got some real polar bear in, he sells it and has tons of colors. Polar Bear swims great and seems to give a more attractive color in the water. Really cool stuff. Target for this fly is blues bass and weakfish, this fly can imitate tiny spearing or baby bunker in all the creeks by me.
  11. Regarding the topic of small flies (size 6 4 2 1) I decided to make some small clousers using a new material (new for me). Tied up some size 2 clousers with bucktail and polar bear. Really like how polar bear looks when wet.
  12. Good morning guys....heading out fishing in a little while once the rain stops a little bit. Anyhow, would love some advice from you guys regarding small baitfish flies During the spring run, the fish are usually keyed in on small baitfish, 1-3inch range. I know a lot of small baitfish patterns that ive seen use polar fiber, polar bear, craft fur, ect usually these patterns are tied on size 4 and 2 hooks up to size 1 and 1/0 - any recomendations regarding some tiny baitfish flies? Or what to search for online - i do have plenty of ideas but trying to get everyones input on this subject. Thanks!
  13. Thank ya sir! Hows fishing down south?
  14. BTD Fly Bucktail Deciever Fly (Popovics invention) Really nice movement in the water - these pics show when its wet
  15. Thanks guys, always appreciate the kind words, as you know! PerterJ - I here ya, I was shocked at the weather last night - 43 by me! Anyway The weather went up today, back to 57 and the next few days look warm with a possible few showers
  16. lol you guys are to funny, but i am glad we have our tight group of saltwater bug slingers! The weather is over 50 deg each day, last week we hit 65 to 70 for a few days. Crazy warm winter for Long Island, NY!
  17. Thanks AGN! Yup thats the old silicone fly Pops made. He just came out with new flies using UV resigns. A lot quicker to use and definitley right about less messy! http://www.aswf.info/multimedia/flytying.html Check out this site - my favorite for patterns and tying videos. All Bobs stuff on here too! This is where I get a lot of my ideas and patterns from!
  18. Thanks Kirk! The poormans baitfish is tied using Craft Fur, check your inbox I will send you a little present
  19. Tied up a few of Bob Popovics flex fly using Clear Cure Goo Flex The other fly is titled "Poor mans baitfish"
  20. Nice job man, I use the same brushes, f*cken exspensive tho - all enricos stuff is very high priced but at the same time are very good materials and easy to work with. I dont mind paying for something that works good
  21. Thanks guys! Yes it can Rich, its CCG thick, you can add anything and will still give a "see thru" effect.
  22. Found this fly called "Seller's SST". Below is my variation of this fly - "Joes CCG Jiggy Baitfish"
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