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  1. Thanks guys! Appreciate the comments. The hooks are the spinnerbait by gama - 3/0 to 1/0
  2. Some of my favorite crease flies! Like candy to Mr. Striped Bass Crease flies range from 1.5 inches to over 4 inches Tied on 3/0, 2/0 gama hooks
  3. No oder/fumes regarding CCG no yellowing cures in 7 seconds to 15 seconds depending on what type of glue you use check out www.clearcuregoo.com - all info, videos, everything you need - plus the owner B. Carson who a wonderful person. Hf offers excellent customer service and answer any emails you send to him!
  4. Yea! Would like to see your flat minnows!
  5. Bass Treats From left to right -Immature sandeel -The rest of the pics are different colored surf candies
  6. Hell yea buddy I agree with your statement! 25mph is relle hard with a fly rod, even with the double haul casting. Your not a fisherman if you cant admit days when you catch nothing - we ALL have those days
  7. Yes sir Clear Cure Goo Dumbbell eyes Estaz for body shank Infront of DB eyes tie in - Bucktail,Krysal flash, Bucktail, Peacock hurl (choose colors and polar fiber is a good material to use as well)
  8. Thanks FFJam! - just inbox me if you would like the pattern!
  9. "The Flats Minnow" I use these flies for bass, fluke and weakfish sight casting on flats near me.
  10. Thank you Rich, I def agree on you with that, same to favs! Panama - Thanks like usual, always appreciate the kind words. Sorry about the pics not being the greatest, hard to get an angle to cover everything. The eyes look great but im not sure about the weight yet, the seem to be similiar to barbell eyes not dumbbell eyes (weight wise). Thanks again for the comments.!
  11. Awesome, def keep me posted, good luck!
  12. Clouser minnows The left side are "real eyes" and "real eyeballz" The right side are the new clear cure goo dumbbell eyes
  13. Always appreciate the worlds IFLY, always do buddy! The salt season begins here (Long Island NY) around first or 2nd week of april since we had such a warm winter. The largemouth bass and pickeral are probably starting to just bite now. I may give it a try tomorrow or next week. Its sooooo good to know everyday is closer to watching fish flash behind your fly then inhale it!!! How about you, redfish start up yet????
  14. Whats up AGN54, hope is well buddy. The fly is tied with white, olive and salmon pink craft fur. Also used some krystal Flash. I get all my eyes from clear cure goo. They have the best eyes on the market, I dont care what anyone says - if you want the most realistic eyes around, check out clearcureeyes.com Anything else just let me know thanks for the comments!
  15. Hey Lykos33 thanks for commenting lol, it seems only you and a few others give me comments! I am not here for the glory at all, i actually really like getting the help if i have a question or checking out other peoples flies for ideas. Really awesome people on here including yourself! Anyway it just bothers me because someone else posts a fly that in my opinion is not tied correctly, will foul on every other cast and is way to thick but gets 1000 comments of how great it is?????? Maybe its politics lol. Anyhow thanks Lykos, really appreciate the comments - PLEASE HELP YOUR SELF TO ANYTHING OF MINE, PLEASE INBOX ME FOR ANY PATTERN, I WOULD GLADLY TYPE THEM OUT FOR YOU
  16. More Bunker Patterns, these bunker patterns are a little larger than the other peanut bunker flies
  17. Wanted to come up with a nasty peanut bunker pattern, this is what i tied up......
  18. Velcro crab bodies hit with brown and black marker. Going to inbox you the tying pattern! Thanks for the comments bud!
  19. Crab flies for fishing Eastern Long Island Flats 1 - Flat Crab 2 - Hide N Seek Crab 3 - Spring Colors Flat Crab
  20. Regarding the rattle fly clouser - that rattle wont break from a fish biting it or dragging it thru cover or around rocks? Maybe I am looking at it wrong but it seems to be tied in or glued in at the small tip end??? Also the way you tied the clouser, you tied both bottom and top shank hair in front of the eyes, does this do something special to the fly? I usually tie my clouser differently. Thanks!
  21. LOL funny your bring that up, the other night after tying I decided to count up my flies.....lets not even go there lol. I am so addicted to tying I cant help it! At least I have a few more weeks and I can hit the water - the fresh water spieces should start biting around April 1st and then shortly after the salt spieces cruise in! Can not wait! The other funny part is I will be back mateing on charter boats in May, so its fish fish fish fish! Cant beat it! Thanks for the great comments K!
  22. WOW! Thanks Kirk. Sounds awesome, I admire the looks of a beautiful Redfish!
  23. Killer Craft Fur Minnow. Tied on 1/0 gama short shank, big game hooks - using the dubbing loop technique
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