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  1. Baitfish patterns tied with size 2 Diachi short shank hook "Bass Snax"
  2. Found this pattern from http://www.flyfishinsalt.com/techniques/fly-recipies/tying-instructions-jetty-critter -Created my own variation of the fly with articulated movement from the hook rear -Can imitate crabs, shrimp, anything that lives around jetties and structure Excellent movement in the water
  3. Thank you guys very much, appreciate the kind words like always. Wanted to give a quick report. Fished freshwater this weekend and believe it or not I caught fish! Not to say I am a terrible fisherman lol but Long Island has not had a warm winter like this in a while. Only caught a tiny largemouth and a small pickeral but for the month of feb - you cant beat it! Going into tying mode now regarding dominate patterns!!! Whats your 6 must have flies????/ Mine are -Clousers -Jiggies -Crease flies -Surf Candies -Decievers -Crab/Shrimp patterns
  4. Mix of different style flies
  5. Sean - What size gurglers do you use for bass? By me, gurglers tied around 2 to 4 inches seem to work the best. I really like small gurgs with foam bodies of only 2 to 3 inch, but I also carry bigger ones with me. You couldent be more right, bass love love them! Sometimes poppers scare the fish away because of the noise - gurglers dont hit the water with a loud sound, same goes with crease flies. I have to say my to fav top waters are crease flies and the gurgs. What about yourself? You ever try using spoon flies for Striped Bass? It was funny because the flukiessssssssss love em lol - tight lines
  6. Here is another Sea Robin Variation
  7. Tied up this sea robin sculpin for some groud laying Striped Bass! I really like the look of the fly and the rabbit strip gives great movement in the h20!
  8. Decided to try to imitate a sea robin with craft fur and a quick tie. In my area the sea robin hatch usually happens in july or august and I would like to be able to tie a few up for the next day. The other fly is a large profile baitfish clouser, used to represent a bunker or herring type of baitfish.
  9. I think the thin lizzy tied in different colors can resembel a nice sea robin. Not to hard to tie and has nice movement in the water. What does everyone think? Brown,red,white lizzy for sea robin?>
  10. We have to get you out of Michigan, your a saltwater man at heart! Dude plan a trip to long island and come fish with me, you have have a blast! Striped bass up to 20lbs, bluefish and fluke on the flats! Then you can post pics on here how you caught 1 fish and i caught 2000000000000000000000, yikes!
  11. Tied up a few new patterns for the spring bass run Bucktail Baitfish and Flashy sandeel
  12. Awesome buddy, look forward to it! I love those jiggys!
  13. Your to good to me Tide. Thank you very much, I am def going to tie some of those patterns up! Sound awesome! As you know, we get the cinderworm hatch on Long Island, Boy those bass can be finicky when on those worms! I finally found a pattern that works. Its tied with ez body tubing painted red with black tips to imiatate the worms body, then for the tail I use red marabou or red bucktail, I usually let it go with the tide and give a few strips here and there. I know there are many cinderworm patterns out there, but for me, this works! Thanks again for the pattern! Spring Bass love worms!
  14. Trust me those poppers are going to catch you some nice fish. I love the movement on them, I use them for Striped Bass on longislands bay and creeks all spring summer long.
  15. Requesting to anyone and everyones comments. This post is about special flies that many of us may not use a lot. This includeds imitations for sea robins, flounder, fluke, killies, blackfish, blowfish, lobster - ect. I know there are some patterns out there for these types of baitfish but not many. Since I work on a charter boat and have cleaned many many Striped Bass, I have found every item mentioned above, in a bass's stomach. Does anyone have any cool fly patterns for these? In my area sea robins are a fav for stripedbass and fluke along with porgies, blowfish and lobsters. I was thinking I can make a sea robin clouser with red,white,brown hair, ect. Any and all input would greatly be appreciated. Thanks for your help in advanced! Maybe I could use fly I tied and convert into a weighted sea robin fly????
  16. The new Titan Taper just came out, google "Titan fly Lines" - let me know what you think - thats all I use
  17. Nice ties with those poppers. I would just be careful with the circle hook, you dont wanna loose a nice fish. Make the same poppers with a regular J hook, and use the articulated leader system that you used. Those will work just fine. They have real nice movement.
  18. Remember on that last popper, you cant set the hook with a circle (I am sure you know this) - these will have great movement tho!
  19. Of course I do tide! I always know your messing around, thats why we get along so well on this site. Just do me one favor, make sure you put a bend in a rod this spring and summer!
  20. Thats awesome SURF! I do the same lol, just a little different coding system. I would love to fish with ya man. There is not many people as into or as hardcore regarding the fly fishing run. $hit I could jump on a ferry to Conn and meet you over there, fish for a day and have a few drinks. I always look for people to fish for because I usually call someone the night before and say "lets go man, the fish are biting, the tide is at 4am" then they decide to back out. I mean in the summer I work a daytime job then I work on the fishing boats from May until Novemeber but I get some time off here and there and I am totally fishing! I dont mean to intrude on you at all, just letting you know if your looking for a hardcore guy that will be anywhere in the tri state area, thats me! - I also have a feeling I can learn some good stuff from you, you have very good insight on the fly fishing world.
  21. Messed around with a few fish skull patterns. The first two pics are a baitfish pattern (wet) with the new uv dub Last two pics are a deciever type fish skull
  22. Thanks for the info Surf - you come to longisland for any type of fishing? Tide - lol, just let me know what you want and I would be happy to send you a few prototypes!
  23. lol, you are def correct on that one surf! When do you guys generally get your spring run of Striped Bass? You catch em in April? I think this year with the warm weather the bass should be by me (Eastern Long Island) in the creeks and bays by april sometime.
  24. Tying flies is all about the tyers preferance. There is no wrong or right way to tie a fly. We all know that. Certain situations call for certain patterns.
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