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  1. I have wrapped and fished 8-10 wt rods for a long time now. I have never fished a 7wt rod. I am building a new rod, and with the help of steel drifter am pretty sure what blank I intend to use. The Only internal dispute I have is 7or8wt? I am a saltwater guy and have yet to run into anybody that fishes 7wt. Any opinions?

  2. I really appreciate all the advice, thanks to all that posted. Maybe the rod builders can. Home in. I'm looking to build a 7-9wt with a medium to fast action for throwing 50-70' of wf floating line. This rod will be used primarily for sight casting to redfish. I live on the lower coast of Texas, and we do have a wind problem here. My problem is, I've wrapped rods from most of the popular rod manufacturers and felt I spent far to much for the blank. Im looking at rain shadow but don't know much about the blanks. Anyone with any suggestions feel free, I'm open ears.

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