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  1. Well sir, the only time I've ever had that happen was when I purchased some cheap discount hooks off of ebay that were a size 24 and were pretty rough
  2. Sorry Sandyflyx, but I think I'll keep the yarn for some monster slabside crappies here in California, they just love orange and chartruese. As for the color change, I think your right Peterjay about it being died mutiple colors.
  3. Hello, I had been wanting to try my hand at some Glo- Bugs and finally got some Hareline Flo. Orange egg yarn, I tied some that were fishable (after a lot of trial and error). But when I went to go use em later, I found that after being in the sunlight for only about ten minutes they had turned a light chartruese color with an orange dot in the middle. It had a neat look, but not the right thing for trout, though it just might work for steelhead. I did a few tests and found that the whole darn package would change color if left in the window sill. But anyways, has anyone had this happen to them? Or maybe I just got a defective package. Thank you, Carson LeBoeuf
  4. Great flies SC, especially the "Golden Delicious", like the look and the name! Carson LeBoeuf
  5. I've never thought about the tail, even though it's caused me quite a few problems. Guess I'll have to tie a few without tails AND eyes to see just how important they are.
  6. I would have to agree with you sir, especially on the motion part, cause my biggest bass have come from craws with marabou or rabbit strip claws
  7. P.S. Sorry for the giant pictures, still gettin used to this camera
  8. Hello, I know that this is just basically a new thread on the streamer eye topic, but how important are eyes to a crawdad pattern? I've tied patterns with eyes, like mono filament and glue on eyes to the carapace,but I've never really noticed a difference in effectiveness. I tied this craw here without eyes and it looks pretty good and nasty, but seeing bass fishing wont heat up for a few more weeks where I am, I wanted to know if it is a worthwhile pattern or how I can improve it. I'd appreciate any and all opinions. Thank you Carson LeBoeuf
  9. I would agree with Utyer and FishDragon, but I prefer a size 16 or 18 for testing new waters
  10. Hello, I was just wondering what you think the best size of hook to use for midges. I've had lots of luck with "giant" midges( size 14) as well as very small ones ( size 20 and below), and just wanted to see what other people thought. Thank you, Carson LeBoeuf
  11. Looks like I'm gonna break the trout fly streak, but here is a bass fly I've been testing for a while. I have to admit, it looks pretty goofy but works great for shallow feeding bass, or you can use dumbell eyes to get it a little deeper, but it has a lot of life in the water. I hope it gets you the next big one! Hook: Streamer hook of choice, Size #8-4 Thread: Brown, olive, or red 6/0 Tail: Chartruese Marabou, sparse Body: Olive Floss Rib: Gold Wire Thorax: Peacock herl and loose red antron dub Beard: Orange egg yarn and red yarn Wing: Olive rabbit strip Eyes: Bead Chain or dumbell eyes Thank you, Carson LeBoeuf
  12. Nice tie and looks good! Carson LeBoeuf
  13. Thanks Novabass and lykos33, you'll be seein some more flies from me! Thanks, Carson LeBoeuf
  14. Here is a pair of my first attempts at "true" feather wing streamers. I think that they came out lookin pretty good for bein so simple, and might even help me pull out a few good sized lunkers out of the local pond! I would also appreciate any advice you could give me about gettin better at this type of streamer. Thank you, Carson LeBoeuf
  15. Hey everybody, This here is a little nymph that I always keep in my box. I know that it is basically just a pheasant tail variation, but man o man does this thing work, I always outfish my friends when they have a regular pheasant tail nymph on. I know it looks a little goofy, with the red floss, krystal flash, and peacock collar, but just tie a few and try it and you'll see why it's my "go to" fly. I also apologize for the poor photos, I am saving for a better lense. Hook: Curved Scud or caddis pupa hook of choice, size #12- 16 Thread: Brown or Red, 8/0 Bead: Gold Or Copper Tail: Pheasant Tail Fibers Body: Three sections of pheasant tail fibers and red floss Rib: Copper wire, small Thorax: Peacock Herl Shellcase: Pheasant tail fibers Sides: Gold or Copper Krystal Flash Collar: Peacock Herl Hope it catches you the next big one! Thank You, Carson LeBoeuf [email protected]
  16. Hello, I just wanted to ask something to anyone who is familiar with Gary Lafontaine's Double Magic technique, how has it worked for you? I've had a lot of succes using any Lafontaine patterns, particularly ones using the Double Magic technique, and just wanted to see if it worked just for me. Thank You, Carson LeBoeuf
  17. Hey, What is best stage of the caddisfly life cycle to imitate? I've tied almost all the stages and have had great success on all of them, from pupae to adult, but which one is the best for you? Thank You and Tight Lines! Carson LeBoeuf
  18. Well sir, the wing of the fly is very versatile, I've used kip, squirrel, and even Black Bear have had the same results. The body appears to mainly be what gets em Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  19. This here is a new fly I've developed, and even though it looks like a wet fly, it is a streamer. It works on just about everything from bass and bluegill to rainbows and browns. I hope you enjoy it! LeBo's Royal Minnow Hook: 1x or 2x long nymph/ streamer hook of your choice Thread: Gray 6/0 Body: Red floss Rib: Copper Wire Tag: Copper Wire Thorax: Peacock Herl Beard: Grizzly Hackle Fibers Wing: Teal or Mallard flank Thank You and Tight Lines! Carson LeBoeuf
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