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  1. Yep. There should be a function to have the poll stay in the chronological cue regardless of when someone votes. That's not going to stop anyone from replying to 5 year old posts and bumping them to the top though.


    And chances are that all the mods can do is "lock" these. Someone with admin powers would have to do the part I mentioned above.





    I wish I was one of those. I bet they get all the fly tying groupies. biggrin.png





    You've seen fly tying groupies???


    I actually did have one. She used to come to see me at the 4 tying events I would do at cabelas each year. Would always put her business card into my shirt pocket at the end of the lesson. Haven't seen her at the last couple though. A bit forward for a gal who wore a large diamond on her ring finger. I always keep an eye out for her during these events. Her absence makes me wonder if the fellow who put the ring on her finger got wise to what she was doing and tightened the leash.



  3. I fish Western Canadian trout lakes more than anything else so this is what I tie on most often (in no particular order):



    Balanced Leech (black or maroon)

    Chronie (black and gold with black BH)

    Epoxy Minnow (floating)

    Hollow Bloodworm

    Micro Seal Leech (olive or black)

    Booby (black or chartreuse)

    Epoxy Back Scud (tan)

    Wiggle Damsel

    Big Eye Damsel

    Balanced Dragon

    Poly Midge Emerger (black and white)

    Foam Boatman




  4. I really like the pattern McFly. I might be concerned about durability though. Maybe some copper wire tied in after the mono eyes and then when the dubbing is complete and crystal flash pulled back and in place the wire is wrapped forward to make it sturdy and create good segmentation? Wouldn't hardly add any time but will definitely make it last. If the thread ribbing gets bitten through then a lot of it will come apart.


    Just my thoughts.





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