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  1. Worked in Construction for 10 years. Wore Carhartt's most of the time because they were durable, comfortable and did the job. A local Surplus store always having them on Sale helped, too.


    The kicker? Wearing blanket quilted, insulated Carhartt's whilst Ice Fishing in -15° temps. Stayed nice & toasty, & never got cold.


    But, once they were washed a few times, they seemed to lose some of their oomph.


    So... I stopped washing them. I figured they were good, once they started to stand on their own, without any visible means of Support.

  2. When I got my 'starter' fly rig, I found a 4 1/2' long Rod/Reel case with an exterior pocket @ the flea market. It's lasted 20+ years with no rod/tip damage. The rod/reel stays in the case, safe & sound except when I'm fishing with it.


    The damn thing is almost as tall as I am!

  3. A time to recharge & re-invigorate the soul. Reminisce about the times you had with your Sister, and have a cry or two in the solitude of your surroundings. Nature has a way of both healing and putting things in perspective.


    Enjoy your journey, & we'll all be here when you return.

  4. Why do people look at me so oddly when I'm fly fishing?


    Maybe it's because:


    -- They're sizing me up, checking me out to see what kind of stuff I've got, and if it's better/worse than what they've got. For the record, it's worse... much worse.


    -- I'm in their 'spot'.


    FWIW... I 'western' fly fish. I also put a chunk of rainbow Play-doh on a weighted hook & huck it from shore. Right now, I'm playing about with Tenkara.




    Because they all interest me, & they all catch fish.

  5. Like most have said, decide on the flies you want to tie, then buy just the Materials to tie those flies.


    Start out small, then if you get into tying, you can go hog wild buying all of the chatchkas.


    I started out with a cheap Tool kit with a Vise that was OK, then 'moved up' to a vintage Thompson Model A. The Tools work just fine.


    The important thing is to enjoy yourself. Take your time, learn the Basics, & watch lots of Videos. I find the ones from 'tightlinevideo' are very good.


    Alan :)

  6. Your inability to whip finish is all mental. I found it helpful to call it what it is, a snell knot. Snell knots are easy to tie and any bait chucker can tie them. Now fly fishermen are a loftier bunch so we gave it a more Regal sounding name, the whip finish, created a tool for it, launched a campaign to confuse the bait chuckers and elevate the whip finish into something only the most well versed seasoned FF can accomplish. It's all mind games, it's a snell knot. once you get it you will wonder how you didn't get it and you too will never utter the words "snell knot" ever again, just like the rest of us.


    Silver creek provided a picture that is worth a 1000 videos.

    It's true. For me, Whip Finishing was like eating gourmet Olives (GAAAGH!), until I watched a YT video by Tim Flagler.

    After that, the process became crystal clear.



    Alan :)

  7. I own one fly reel... a Scientific Anglers Concept 2. It's never missed a beat, & always works as advertised.


    My fellow angling 'associates' scoff @ my frugality, & needle me about the cheapness of my rig.


    Yeah, whatever. I catch fish with it, & that's the important thing.

  8. I have one flyfishing rig; a SciAnglers Concept 9' 6wt kit with the stock WF-6-F line. I learned how to cast with it, & used it for everything from perch to 14" trout. It's always done the job for me, so I never thought about anything else.


    I have a tenkara setup, but that's for small streams & for playing with the little parr marked fishys.


    These days, I fish primarily on the Upper Colorado below Gore Canyon; my fly rig works very well there except when I want to cast across the river; then I'll grab my Wonderod spin cast rig.


    I really like the look of Steve's rods, though!

  9. We don't have "Closed Seasons" on species of fish per se, but from time to time CPW will close certain stretches of rivers due to low water levels or high air temperatures (drought conditions). Catch & Release is dependent on the particular stretch of water (Dream Stream, Blue River, etc.)


    Alan :)

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