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Found 1 result

  1. Intro- Although I have tied certain fly patterns for many years, I gave up about 23.5 years ago on trying to tie Winged Wet flies in general, and the Rio Grand King, specifically. I found that a Trude style better matched my tying ability and fish were indifferent. I live in Wyoming, I catch a lot of fish, some pretty big ones. Yet, my failure to set the wings correctly on this style always bothered me. Back around Thanksgiving Crackaig and flytire provided some excellent advice and guidance on the techniques needed to tie Winged Wet flies. I made a New Years resolution that I would learn to tie a credible Winged Wet Rio Grand King. So please review the following pictures and let me know if I can cross this pattern off my to-do lists. Did I set the wings correctly? Please point out, because I am truly a beginner on these types, what appears to be wrong and how one might fix any deficiencies. Pummel me hard, if you must, I can dish it out- I can take it- I will learn stuff and maybe some less experienced novices will too! Tell us your solutions, ie ., how you would tie it differently? The Contest and Prize- Look at the four samples I named and provided. If you are the first to do so - and can label each fly , numbers 1 through 4 in the correct order that I actually tied them, I will buy you one of Al and Gretchen Beatty's new e-books on Amazon. While they are free to Prime Members, the e-book prices range from $4.99 to $7.99. I think they are a tremendous, cost effective resource to new and old tiers alike. Beginners- these e-books will expand your repertoire immediately and save you unneeded expenses for some tools, materials, and instructional manuals. Al and Gretchen also will give you some very practical work-arounds and material substitutions that will save you a bunch of hard earned money. The Beatty's are friends of this forum and have been writing and teaching fly tiers for many years. Hope they plan to continue! All entries must be received no later than March 31, 2017 at 1159 PM, MDT. Next resolution- My St. Patrick's Day resolution is to tie a Wonder Wing Adams. These flies are amazing to look at and will fish most trout waters. Al has done a You Tube video that you can also view, if you want to download the e-book on these Wonder Wing patterns. I look forward to comparing your work to mine. Post your flies in this thread. I will have mine completed before March 17 celebrations start. I am confident that I will fulfill my latest resolution to be a more practical and versatile tyer in 2017. Contest Answer Sheet- So here are the four Winged Wets I tied and named; and left to right A through D. Which one did I tie first, second, third, or fourth? _____A. Leadbelly Coachman _____B. Dyslexic Rio Grande King _____C. Rio Grande King _____D. Double Wing Rio Grande King
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