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  1. I am starting to tie sculpins and I was just looking for some patterns and tips... I just purchased some wool and zonker strips and have to get to the store for some deer hair thanks Justin
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by justinl8688: Hot Head Steelie Nymph
  3. Has anyone used Trout Beads in tying? I bought a couple bags in a variety of colors and was meesing around to make the eggs with veil in the picture above.. anyone else have patterns using them??
  4. What is your favorite big brown trout fly? I know in NY egg patterns seem to work.. but what are some other options I just tied these for my upcoming trip...
  5. What patterns would be a good option for next week up there? I heard estaz eggs... does sucker spawn work too?? anything else? I just want a mixed bag of fish hopefully
  6. ya i have been reading some reports an they are catching lots of salmon up there now, I just want to get into a big lake brown trout, but a salmon wouldn't hurt haha i'll just have to keep watching the weather. I know in Erie there is no water at all! last year i would of caught 25 steelies by now.... but no water this year , yet.
  7. How exactly does the epoxy work? Does it need certain drying time , etc.... can i get it at my fly shop.. or like hardware store? Never used it before...
  8. Does anyone else ahve an emerald shiner pattern to use on the tribs for Steelies... Here is the one i tie.. but i was looking for any others....
  9. I was jsut wondering what 6 flies would be in your box this fall for erie steelies? Mine: Estaz Eggs Sucker Spawns Black Stone Flies White Flesh Flies with glue eggs Sharks caddis (waxie immitation) Woolly Buggers (Egg sucking and non) :yahoo: Its almost that time!!! :yahoo:
  10. Thanks a lot guys.. i was talking to an older guy today that said not to bring my flyrod i won't land a fish.. and that they don't bite at all and i would waste my time. He said to use sponge and a hook and hope it goes in their mouth.. i was disappointed by thpse comments... but i am glad to hear that is not the case... i like your responses... would a 10 wt be sufficient? and what X tippet and what length?
  11. the salmon are normally snagged or do they actually bite?? bc I have heard that its near impossible to actually clean hook one. Also, what X leader should be used? I plan on bringing an arrangement of suckerspawn estaz eggs glue eggs streamers and nymphs ... hopefully that will work out
  12. I will be heading up to Salmon River in NY this fall for my first time. I would like to know what some necessary flies are to bring for salmon, steelies, and browns. I will probablly be goingin the late sept. mid oct. range. Thanks!
  13. Just screwing around last night.. how do they look?
  14. About an hour last night....How do they look?
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