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  1. ****Warning****** Tying is near bout as addictive as fishing! Have fun!
  2. Ok fellers, I tied up a bunch of the flies that you guys told me about...I fished them on the river in Gatlinburg TN and my boy and I pulled out a boatload of stocked rainbows...thanks for all the input!!
  3. Hey.... I need an address as well!
  4. Welcome...from one newbie to another I love Europe...I lived in Germany for several years and Flyfished all over Europe. Now I am back in the USA...but I sure miss the fishin there!
  5. Ok I am in with a marabou nymph. I learned to tie it while I was in Germany. First you wrap a thread base Then you take a marabou feather and tie it in at the bend leaving the tip hanging over for a tail Then Wrap the feather up the shank to the eye Tie it off.... And presto you have a nice fuzzy nymph that is really quite effective
  6. do we have a host yet??????????????????????????
  7. How long does it take to tie such a fly?????
  8. What type and size hook do you use? What do you mean "to match hook size?"
  9. Whew....Now that is a simple fly! Do you fish it as a dropper????
  10. What a list of quick ties! Ok fellers...On your advice, I tied up a few green weenies and a few zebras and put them to the test yesterday. I fished them on the South Holston River and did quite well with the both of them! Now I have to get back to the vise and start tying some more on the list! Thanks!
  11. That sounds like a good rule...3 swap...... Maybe another time...
  12. ohh ok, Thanks for the signature info...
  13. What do you have to do to host? Since this swap is the result of my question..maybe I could. Not sure if newbies are allowed thought.
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