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  1. I just sent the flies in the mail. Hopefully you all receive them soon. Again, thanks to everyone who participated. Everyone one done a great job and I had no problems with postage!!!!! Also, thanks for all the extras. It is greatly appreciated!
  2. Ok we had a now show in the swap. I was kind of holding off returning the flies in hopes that I would receive the last swapper's flies. That does not look likely to happen so I will send the flies out tomorrow. Let me know when you receive your flies back. Also, I will send back one extra flie that every swapper sent to make up for the "no show".
  3. ive received all flies except from fisheye don
  4. Got them over the weekend. Nice! Only one more swapper left!
  5. Still nothing? No I got them two days ago. I posted (received). They are very nice!!!
  6. received flies yesterday from mybadhabit and bluegill576. Very nice!!
  7. Got them yesterday. Very nice!!
  8. Great! Have I sent you my addy yet?
  9. Great! I look foward to receiving them. This is shaping up to be a real nice swap!!
  10. ok I have received flies from Margaretann, RickZeiger, and famill00. All are very nice ties!
  11. Rick I received your flies. famill00 i sent you a pm!
  12. If you all would, please send me a message or post when the flies are in the mail. It helps me keep track a little better! Thanks
  13. Since there is some tiers ready to send flies, I will close the swap. Tie 9 bluegill flies and have them sent to me by October 15th.
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