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  1. dkr

    new guy on the block

    Joe, I am not associated at all with saltwater. I'm almost exclusively a trout guy. Dave
  2. Have heard of the forum and finally took the plunge. I've been tying since the mid-60's and now I'm a full-time trout bum, guiding and teaching flyfishing. I'm on the fly design team of Riverborn Flies, as well. I've been tying at the Fly Tier's Symposium, except for 2007 (father was very ill and I couldn't make it) since its inception and have tied at the FF Show in Somerset and a couple of others over the years. It is good to be around others who share a common interest! Dave Rothrock
  3. Have heard some about the forum and thought I'd say "hi." I'm curious as to how many here I may already know. Its good to be around others with like interests. Dave Rothrock
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