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  1. Excellent, I happen to have a hen pheasant skin on hand. Thanks!
  2. Outstanding looking flies--any chance you could give the recipe for the second one? Tennessee isn't the heart of "spey country" by any means, but I'd like a few in my box, if only to admire.
  3. Another outstanding tie--I really envy the Argentinian hare that's available to y'all over the Pond!
  4. Thanks for the replies--it's hard to really get a sense of the "tactile" qualities of various dubbings on-line, of course: I'll put it on my wish list, then.
  5. Not to be too much of a materials junkie (I can stop any time I want... ), but I was wondering how many of y'all are tying with the Argentinian Hare I often see listed in the recipes from many of our European tyers. Is it really that different from our "domestic" hare's masks (which, ironically, mostly come from the UK if I'm not mistaken)? Thanks!
  6. "Of course, getting a full skin will save you money in the long run. But only if you put it to good use." Ha...I'm afraid I'm finding the whole woodchuck I bought is taking a bit longer to go through than I had planned (still a great material, though.) Thanks again for the leads...
  7. "Natural skins are simply beautiful! And they are a pleasure to handle and use. " That's starting to be true for me as well--I don't think I'll ever go back to the "Whiting 100" approach (no matter how much sense it makes economically.) On kind of the same subject, is buying a whole fox pelt the best way to get a reasonable supply of "belly hair," or are there vendors that sell patches? (Urine stained or no!)
  8. Excellent ideas, gentlemen...thanks for the leads!
  9. Hans-- Ha...I think I already have those bookmarked! Now if I could only find a source for francolin here in the States I'd be set...
  10. Out of curiosity, I was wondering what "cream" colored dubbings you like for wet flies--I've tried snowshoe hare underfur with pretty good results, but sometimes I think a smoother, sleeker body would be a better options. I've considered fox as well, but I'm afraid I don't know how to buy it/work with it economically. Any thoughts?
  11. Thanks so much for the info...like most of y'all I've become a committed "materials fondler" when I can be, but since I'll have to buy my CdL online, it's good to know the hackle range in advance.
  12. I was wondering if any of you who tie with Whiting hen CdL capes could give me a breakdown of hackle sizes...I've been wanting to tie up some biggish flymphs (#10-#12) and for some reason the CdL's "gamebird" speckling appeals to me more than basic "hen." Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the leads: if I could get a English grouse pelt and a couple of CDL skins, I think I ought to be set well into the next decade.
  14. Wonderful tie as always... A question, though: where's the best source of English grouse skins here in the States? I really love that dark, barred appearance, but I'm afraid I run through a bag of loose feathers a bit too quickly.
  15. Dafunk-- Thanks for elaborating...very buggy patterns always catch my eye! BTW, I think you'd be surprised how tight a stream you can fish Tenkara-style: Daniel at TenkaraUSA has come up with some dedicated "small stream" rods lately.
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