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  1. hi steve, where do you fish i paradise, i get up there every week? sulltm: just got back from the fly shop, my two boys 12 and 14 and i are doing a fly tying, long as we can keep our eyes open, jam. jeff
  2. Thanks guys for the info,we use the fly on the lower Sac. in Redding Calif. Thanks Green Acres, I needed that :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:
  3. Does anyone out there have the recipe for the Edible Caddis?? :dunno:
  4. hi flyfishingwright: I live in Redding calif. right across the street from the Sac.
  5. Just wanted to know where everybody is from, and if anybody is from northern calif. great forum, I have been reading for awhile and just set up my user name. thanks jeff
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