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  1. I have never heard AK discuss foam flies. I know that he prefers natural materials, but foam hoppers, ants, stone flies, etcf, seem a natural for foam. What are his comments and/tips? Bill
  2. On the durability of cane rods I think that they are better than graphite. I have made several Dickerson 7613s, like yours. But one of mine is a three-piece for backpacking. Last year I fell backwards, in the snow angle position, and dinged the tip section on a rod, about 18" down from the tip. I took a pretty good chunk out of it yet finished out the day on big fish. The chunk would have shattered a graphite rod. At first I thought I would simply make a new tip. Indeed, I did but I have never used it. Rather, I wanted to see how long the damaged tip would hold up. I wrapped the damaged area with silk, finished it, and fished it. I've had it out many times since, sometimes on big fish and it has held up just fine. (All of my rods have two tips, so even if it breaks, my fishing day is not over, as it would be with graphite.) Bill
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