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  1. Sweet Ray! A great fly for the catt man! Let it swing brother.......let it swing!
  2. Thanks guys, if I managed to catch a fish on it i'll post the pic.
  3. This is a new fly that was conceived from the foxy egg sucking leech that i had posted a few months ago. Could be another asset in the line up. Tube: 1 inch copper Tail: Black artic fox spun in dubbing loop Rib: Medium red wire Dubbing: Purple haze SLF Tenticles: Grizzly Saddle Flash: Poloar Flashabou Collar: Black artic fox spun in dubbing loop.
  4. Hook: Daiichi 1180 Tail: Coq De Leon Body: Small Peach D-Rib Over Rusty Brown Thread Hackle: Dark Dun Saddle Wing: Carribou
  5. Tube: 1" Copper Tube Tag: Chartruse Uni-Stretch Dubbing: Purple SLF hackle: White Peacock Collar: Natural Gadwell Eyes: Jungle Cock Head: Red Thread Something that I have been playing around with latley. Whatcha Think? It's awaiting it's maiden voyage onto the big lake erie trib this year.
  6. Hey guys I am looking for a pattern called the Speed Skater Caddis. It's not for the october caddis it's just an all around caddis emerger I believe. If any of you have any info or a list for the pattern that would be killer. Thanks, Steve
  7. I like your flies alot. Are they buily for a low water situation, or are these your own creations?
  8. I love the head on this fly, it's flawless, great job.
  9. Great for late season rollers on some of our bigger tribs
  10. I take that ou like to use the mallard? Nice tie man. It's got great flow, and color. the gold really contrasts the mallard very nicely
  11. Frank G., I use what they call a royal blue. I had some paper from an old paper mill that my uncle used to work for and it was a waxed base paper, so when you baked it in the oven, it would turn it that royal blue and I started to use it for my backrounds.
  12. A variation that I came up with for our great lakes fishery. Very effective when the water is on the verge of becoming clear.
  13. The best way is to make a dubbing loop and you can use cross cut or regular rabbit strips to do this, whatever your preference. When you have made your dubbing loop slide the rabbit strip into the loop and slide it about an 1/8 of an inch from the loop and cute the hair. After you cut the hair you can spread it out in the loop so it doesn't bunch up when you spin it. After you spread the hair out spin the loop and after spining lightly come the hair that may have gotten caught while spinning. That's the best that I can say, maybe someone else can elaborate.
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