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  1. Hi, hatching Caddis Pupa. Hope you like it... MW
  2. Dear mnorton... thanks a lot :-) MW
  3. Hi, thank you all for your nice comments :-) ... @ fshng2: that took al lot of patience & stringency :-) MW
  4. Hi, Stoneclinger Nymph (14mm) made from just 3 Materials. Spider Web as tying Thread, Ostrich Fibers as Bodygills and all the rest is made from Partridge Feathers... MW
  5. Dear uncletube57, thank you very much :-) MW
  6. @ Danwelsh: THX! :-) MW
  7. Dear islander727 .... thx! :-) MW
  8. Hi, thank you very much to all of you :-) ... @ MouseManiac: the best way for ID-ing if it's a mayfly or a stonefly is looking at the tails. Stoneflies have only 2 tails, all of them. Mayflies have 3 of them almost every Species... MW
  9. Hi, this time i like to show you my newest Project. It's a Baetis Nymph, which i tried to tie as completely as possible (for me so far) with a Bodylength of 9mm .... thanks for watching and comments are welcome ... MW
  10. Dear Ginormus 1, this realistic version of 2 of a Leuctra Nymph would be durable enough to fish it, but it's to stiff in itself and i guess the Fish would not take it really good. For fishing i've created the one you see in the Picture below ... MW
  11. Dear Ginormus 1, i agree, then for my normal flies for fishing i would never spend so much effort :-) MW
  12. Dear MouseManiac ... thank you very much :-)
  13. Hi, @ Saltybum: thx for your answer and no, i'm nothing like this. Only a Flytier with a lot patience :-) MW
  14. Sergio, as always a piece of Art :-) ... thx for sharing it... MW
  15. Hi, @ Streambum4trout: no, it's made only for Display :-) @ Bimini15 & Mikechell: what Mikechell wrote is correct and work well, no doubt... but i went another way. I cut the Mono to shape with a Scalpell :-) MW
  16. Hi, thank you all very much for your nice statements :-) ... @fshng2: i build everything by myself. The legs are made from monofil... MW
  17. Hi there, i was not satisfied with the first Leuctra Nymph i tied. So i made a new one... Maybe you come along with me that this one is better :-) ... MW
  18. Hi, @ Kinni & islander727: thank you both very much :-) ... it's durable enough for fishing but it will only be for display... MW
  19. Hi, @ Streambum4trout: Thx :-) ... it took about 6 hours to tie it... MW
  20. Hi, Wintertime - Tyingtime :-) ... Still on the Vice and here is one of my newest Projects. Hope you like it ... MW
  21. Hey, @ rhuggins215: thank you very much :-) MW
  22. Hi, justcameslabdaddy, Maestro Cordoba & 126lineman thank you very much for your comments :-) MW
  23. Dear Adam & mikechell, thnk you very much for your nice comments :-) MW
  24. Hi, this is the second try of a Stoneclinger Nymph. Maybe you like this one... MW
  25. Once again, a masterpiece! MW
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