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  1. Her are a new fly Hrútur (the RAM) Tag. Globright red floss Antena: Crystal Boar Rib: Fine Silver oval Body: Flat silver oval Throat: Kingfisher blue hen Wing: Chartreuse Arctic Runner Head: Red
  2. Merry Cristmas to everyone From Iceland
  3. Hi Jens Nice work, but the body should be PEARL mylar floss and it is very important do use the red thread under the body, becaus you will haf á nice color on the body. RoyalWulff I can sell you this Arctic Runner no problem I have used this material for many years and that is one of the best material in the world for small flies and i mean it. Soft and very easy to work with and give the fly extra live in the water.
  4. hæna = hen SORRY Jens you can use arctic fox instead of arctic runner Silver Sheep on WMC wide gap # 14
  5. Haugur Thread: UNI 0/8 Orange or Fire Orange Longtail Black Arctic Runner twice as long as the hook whit two crystal pearl flash Body: Mylar Flos Throat: Kingfisher Blue hæna Wing: Black Arctic Runner back to the bend of the hook, two blue crystal pearl flash. Head UNI 0/8 Orange or Fire Orange I use treble hook kamasan salmon low water tie body nr 14 on hook # 12 and body nr 16 on # 14 hook I can not rember the prize but i will make a phonecall for you and you will have the details later
  6. Hi all I can see on this topic that the discussion is Iceland. Yes it is very exspensive to fish for salmon here in Iceland. Where in world can you hook as many Atlantic salmon without leaving civilliation as here in Iceland. I am a professional guide in Iceland and have been for many years. Last summer I was guiding in a small beat in the river I have been guiding mostly. I was there for three days and guiding two rods. We landed 65 grils and just imagine how many we lost, and we did not even use our time quiet well. This beat is self-catering and it cost my costumers around 1000 US dollars pr. day for fishing. They will be back next summer. What I use in hook are size # 12 and # 14. The flies I use are following: Haugur, Von, Hrútur,Klaki, Black Sheep, Silver Sheep Collie Dog, Green Braham Icelandic version, Munro's Killer, Black and Blue, Sun Ray Shadow and rifling hitch tubes Mr Haugur in action
  7. Hi Royalwulff So you have not tried the Arctic runner ? OK I produce this material and I have a contract with Veniard Limited in UK. You can buy directly from them or from me. I also have sheep hair. The AR is one of the best material I have used in my tying. Soft and very easy to work with. Arctic Runner Sheep hair
  8. Hi Royalwulff this material you can see on the wall is Arctic Runner ( pony-hair) BigE I tie alot arcticrunner.bmp
  9. SORRY Yes there are some autum-colors as yo know the are black and some red-color´or hot orange-color
  10. Yes there are some aotum-colors as yo know the are black and some res-color´sor hot orangecolor
  11. That is no promblem to ty 77 flies in one day, her is the dessert
  12. Her is the result of the day one starter conehead Green Highlander and 77 flies
  13. This is a box with fly tied by Mr Haugur
  14. This is my holy-place and it is a holy-place Siggi
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