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  1. Thanks Paul, but these are far too modern looking. This is the first place I go usually, but have been disappointed this time. I am really looking for the older styles of hooks... These flies were tied for trout, and if I dont miss my guess, were skated along the surface. There can be as many as five hackles crammed onto the hook, which is why I suspect they had longer shanks. I may be wrong though. Perhaps the 17th century Spanish used hooks in this style, shorter shank, micro-barb (well smaller than we are used to anyway)... hard to know.
  2. Hello brothers and sisters of the angle, I am recreating the flies of the "MANUSCRIPT ASTORGA" of Juan de Bergara, 1624. Well, I hope to recreate them. I have combed the many websites with translated versions, had the old Spanish version translated repeatedly, and ordered lots of feathers and silk for the task. After all this I found that I had already used my slim stock of Spade end hooks for other things, in ways that can not be reclaimed. Attempts to locate more are hampered by not knowing what size or sizes... my guess is around a 10 or 12 long-shank, though some may be closer to normal length... and not being able to find any old looking ones. I used to have a bunch of Davidcraft spade end hooks that were nicely medieval looking, but no more and very few people have heard of them and no one knows where to find more. SO...my questions: Any one know what size I should be thinking of? Any one know where I might find more Davidcraft or similar spade end hooks (old but good looking, they will be used for photography and then donated to charity eventually probably) Anyone even heard of Davidcraft hooks? BTW: these will be tied in-hand, with horse-hair snoods and all the proper silks and feathers. Pity I cant find hooks from 1624 to tie on, that I can afford... Thanks for any leads, input etc... best wishes Andrew http://seventeenthcenturyflies.blogspot.com/
  3. Hi Kevan I would be interested in obtaining as many tails as you wish to part with. I go through quite a few in a year, teaching disadvantaged kids stream ecology (and coincidentally fly tying and fly fishing). I dont hunt like I used to any more so am always running short. How many and what sort of shipping are we talking about, and do you have paypal? Thanks and best wishes Andrew
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by atlanticsalmonflyguy: the McIntyre
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by atlanticsalmonflyguy: Sir Peter Graf
  6. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by atlanticsalmonflyguy: Cockroach Spey
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by atlanticsalmonflyguy: Jock o' Dee (click link for more info)
  8. Hey thanks guys! I appreciate the kudos. One question though... any one have any spare Shoveler duck flank kicking around they want to part with? It is the one duck I did not shoot at when duck hunting and now regret not having done so. Got lots of lemon wood duck, bronze mallard, pintail, wigeon (american wigeon) and teal, but only saw one Shoveler and missed it. Thanks again Andrew
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by atlanticsalmonflyguy: The Brittania, as per Francis Francis (click link for more info)
  10. Hi Dave, That is one really great looking Lion. I don't think James Wright would have objected to the use of the hackles instead of the sword. In my opinion, having tied the original, and seeing this one, I think this one looks better anyway. He should have done it this way! Again, great job! Love the body tinsel too BTW. And to handle gp and lady am tippets, a pair of needle nosed pliers helps if fingernails are not stout enough to put a really flattened crimp in them. Best wishes Andrew
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by atlanticsalmonflyguy: The Colonel, as per Francis Francis (click link for more info)
  12. Hi Dave, With the link I was able not only to find the Drum Ranger, but a whole bunch of Drum flies (some really neat patterns there guys... and the history of them as well. To save every one the hunt, they are located at the following link; http://www.enersulspareparts.com/SALFLYER/...ng/dressing.htm Happy tying, I know I will be having fun! Thanks again Dave best wishes Andrew
  13. Hi Dave, Many thanks! I am the one doing Ranger research AFAIK right now. Any info on who invented this one and when please? Best wishes Andrew
  14. Hi guys, Thanks for the input. I will most certainly vary the type of hook used. This should make it look even more interesting. Any thoughts as to prefered styles or hook makers? I have been using in the long distant past, Mustad 36890, now I use partridge HE2 or CS10/3... though also I have some Daiichi Alec Jackson 2091 size 1.5, some 2/0 Mustad 80500bl... do they make blind eye hooks these days? What sort of hooks would you fellows like to see them on? Perhaps send me a couple of hooks and I will send you flies back tied on them? Best wishes Andrew
  15. Thanks guys, I will try and get the rest of the collection entered into the database as I do them as well. If I can figure out how, I will get a shot of the whole thing. Best wishes Andrew
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