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  1. It's a robber fly. It's a predator that catches all kinds of other insects. Kind of like a dragonfly in the form of a housefly.
  2. Hi all. Just in case the pike on the fly guys are interested, this is my new site. http://www.saskpikefly.ca/ Take care.
  3. Hi all. Just bought this camera from pentax for it's macro and microscopic mode. It's a little tricky to use in microscopic mode as you have to have steady hands. Getting better with it as I practice. A few shots from around the house.
  4. Hi all. I am going on my trip up north to some trout lakes in the fall. I'll be using some chironimid pupae patterns and such. Last fall it was warm and the trout were hitting them fairly well. I am experimenting this fall with some that have exaggerated midge gills at the head. Would longer, more dense midge gills result in more strikes? Has anyone fishing midges noticed any difference? The picture shows one of them I'll be trying. The gills are about three times more dense and longer than my usual patterns. Has anyone experimented with gill size?
  5. Thanks Wellman. I cement the shell a few more times than the one pictured. Otherwise the flashabou can break. On cloudy days the flash of it helps.
  6. I envy you guys for opportunities like that. I have my big northern pike and so on in Saskatchewan which is just different than that. I just had to ask if anyone had been there...done that. That video is like dreams I have had.
  7. Hi all. Just curious if any of you have experienced bluefish like this before. I found this video amazing to say the least. I can't even imagine what it would be like there with a saltwater flyrod setup and the right flies. Awesome video. Watch right through.
  8. This is a deadly alternative pattern using flashabou to simulate air covering a boatman when it swims. Had a blast with it fishing slightly deeper water last fall.
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by navigator37: Flashabou Boatman
  10. Hi all. I've been doing landscape photography for quite a few years now with lots of sunset shots and bright daytime shots mixed in. I recently found out that I have developed two defects on my eye called a pterygium. It is from getting too many ultraviolet rays of light through the lens which hits the cornea(white part of the eye). This results from sunburn on the cornea in a small area. It is very common among surfers. I got mine from getting too close to where the sun was shining through my lens. Even briefly this is dangerous of course. Mine as most others do, didn't spread any further over my eye but it was alarming to say the least. If you use a wide angle lens in daytime or shoot sunsets, be careful.
  11. Hi. It is a shaved rabbit strip. I like to use an electric mustach trimmer to shave the strip down. It's easy material to work with. It's a good fly to use in fall.
  12. I know it's odd to say the least. But it's action in the water when moved properly is unreal. Give it a long strip and pause retrieve, or give it a sharp short jerk retrieve with small pauses. Came up with this one two years ago and the rainbows up north like it. The additional picture shows a little of what it looks like wet. When paused, the marabou bends/moves forwards and dances almost like it's breathing.
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by navigator37: Steve's Secret Undulator
  14. One of the greatest videos on carp flyfishing I have ever seen. Very, very inspiring. Must see.
  15. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by navigator36: Sealey Bug
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