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  1. Hi all. I am going on my trip up north to some trout lakes in the fall.

    I'll be using some chironimid pupae patterns and such. Last fall it was warm

    and the trout were hitting them fairly well.

    I am experimenting this fall with some that have exaggerated midge gills

    at the head.

    Would longer, more dense midge gills result in more strikes? Has anyone fishing

    midges noticed any difference?

    The picture shows one of them I'll be trying. The gills are about three times

    more dense and longer than my usual patterns. Has anyone experimented with

    gill size?


  2. Hi all.

    I've been doing landscape photography for

    quite a few years now with lots of sunset shots

    and bright daytime shots mixed in.

    I recently found out that I have developed two

    defects on my eye called a pterygium.

    It is from getting too many ultraviolet rays of light through the lens

    which hits the cornea(white part of the eye).

    This results from sunburn on the cornea in a small area.

    It is very common among surfers.

    I got mine from getting too close to where the sun was shining

    through my lens. Even briefly this is dangerous of course.

    Mine as most others do, didn't spread any further over my eye

    but it was alarming to say the least.

    If you use a wide angle lens in daytime or shoot sunsets, be careful.

  3. I know it's odd to say the least. But it's action in the water when moved properly

    is unreal. Give it a long strip and pause retrieve, or give it a sharp short jerk retrieve

    with small pauses. Came up with this one two years ago and the rainbows up north like it.

    The additional picture shows a little of what it looks like wet. When paused, the marabou bends/moves forwards and dances almost like it's breathing.

  4. Thanks for the comments and advice.

    The packaging is simple. The boxes cost 1$ a peice from the Dollar Store.

    Slices of foam to line them, 20 cents.

    If no one buys them, I'll use them for perch fishing this summer

    under a strike indicator. Lethal...especially the bright orange tiger tail


  5. Hi all.

    I had an idea this fall to tie up some ice fishing flies to see if I could sell any

    over winter from my home. Local people could just drop by and pick what boxes of flies they liked.

    I figure if it takes off, I could maybe pay for some of my gas over winter and such.

    Problem is actually making money off them.

    They come in a foam lined wooden box, 14 in each in different varieties.

    Alot of the jigs at stores are the same thing you always see, so I'm hoping I might have some luck

    in this temporary venture. I know these work from experience.

    If you were an ice fisherman, what would you pay for a box of flies?



  6. Hi all.

    We have probably all gotten into tying some complex flies to test some ideas

    and skills.

    Do any of you ever just try out some of the simple flies you can make

    with just the thread and a few wraps of material?

    I have found flies like this to work just as well as some complex creations

    I have tried in the past. With synthetic hackles now, you can create a real buggy

    looking fly that works for trout quite often.

    Super bug yarn and Rainy's micro mohair are examples of some materials you can use.



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