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  1. Super glue was invented for first aid. You know how quickly it sticks your fingers together? I works just as quickly to glue a flap of skin back in place until you can get it stitched. Maybe I'm clumsy, but I keep a bottle in my vest. Patch waders in a pinch. Glue holes in my arms shut from all the f*&@)*g hawthorne trees and barbed wire...works great!


    Next time you cut yourself trimming deer hair, give it a shot. It doesn't burn/sting like you might imagine, either.


    Indeed. I happen to know they use it quite a lot in neurosurgery.

  2. Ok...I've been thru a few sets of bobbins now and can't seem to find one that I like. What's everyone using?


    I have cheap bobbins and expensive bobbins. My all-time favorite is the Umpqua ergonomic model. Ceramic tube and offset "grip".


  3. I am tired of going out and buying sharpies 1 at a time when I need a new color. Has anyone found a good set of waterproof markers which includes the rainbow of colors needed for fly tying. I don't mind spending a few dollars if it means i will always have the necessary color on hand. Thanks


    If money is no object, these are the "gold standard" of markers.




    Immense overkill, IMHO... but different strokes for different folks! B)


  4. just looked at js fly fishing and i think i will buy from them since they are cheaper


    I think you'll be happy with JStockard. I've ordered a BUNCH of stuff from JS and have been quite pleased. I recommend Dr. Slick Scissors. My favorite bobbin is an Umpqua "Ergo".

  5. I have a McKenzie Vise Light, which I really like, It's the larger type 20 watt bulb with a long magnifier. The ac adapter has given up the ghost. I was going to pick up another adapter at the local electrical store, unfortunatly the information tag fell off the adapter a while ago. I know it's a 12 volt but how many amps or watts. If anyone has one could you post the specs of the adapter so I can pick another one up.




    Not sure what a "larger" McKenzie light is. It looks like there is one model where the light comes from the side of the end piece and another model where the light comes from the end of the end piece. Mine is the kind where the light comes from the end of the end piece.


    Here's the info for my McKenzie light adapter.


    Looks like you'll need a "switching adapter".


    Output +12V DC 1.5A REGULATED

    Plug 2.1 x 5.5 mm inside of plug is positive.


    The Part Number is SW-1215A I Googled the PN. looks like they are available from several places.


  6. I suggest picking up a spool of UNI 6-0 and a spool of Danville 210 in pretty much the same color and tying a few of the same patterns with each thread. There is a WORLD of difference between them. I have probably 12 spools of Danville 210 and about the same number of spools of UNI in 6-0 and 8-0. UNI is my go-to thread. Danville is my alternate thread. There are certain patterns that Danville just does better (IMHO).


  7. Hi This is my first post and I am very new to fly tying. My question, I see Sharpie Pen's and Art markers in some of your pictures Are these used often? Should I invest in them?

    Any help would help Thanks.


    Markers wouldn't be (and weren't) my first thought when getting set up to tie. Maybe a black Sharpie would come in handy. BUT... if you are into painting flies, by all means go for it! B)


  8. IMHO, Wooly Buggers for warmwater fishing can be tied with less attention to "classic" proportions. Probably the biggest restriction is whether you can throw it. If things get too out of hand, there is too much air resistance to throw them effectively.


  9. HAHAHAHAHAHHA. My wife wants to use the hair from our black lab for tails. It is everywhere in the house.


    I have a white lab and also have an abundance of spare dog hair. I've tied several flies with it, but I can't say that I've been satisfied with the results. Probably because sorting random shedding into anything even remotely uniform is quite a challenge.

  10. I've yet to find a hobby that didn't eventually get pricey. I almost always start out "on the cheap" and as I get more into whatever it is, I start buying more tools/gadgets - because I love tools and gadgets - and (real or imagined) better materials.


    I much prefer to buy from places - not just tying stuff - where they know what they are talking about, willing to share information, and actually do a good job of convincing me that they appreciate my business. For whatever reason, that usually means I pay more, and I'm OK with that.


    As to the thousand dollar rods and eight hundred dollar reels... I've seen them, but I'm not quite sure what to make of them. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot usually comes to mind. :blink:

  11. Hello All


    I've been tying flies for a short time and I would love some feedback on my flies.


    I sort of followed patterns for some, but I mostly just made up what I was doing. I think my flies are larger than they should be, but I've been experimenting to get a feel for the materials.


    Those look purty dang good to me. :-)


  12. I confess I cleaned up for the picture. :P But with two border collies and a curious cat, I have to keep it cleaned up when I am not tying.


    Hub, thanks! They look nice and I can leave them out in the livingroom next to my bench, it works.


    Awww... Border collies are the bestest hounds ever!


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