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  1. That's the most industrial strength fly I have ever seen. I'm not sure I could manage it on my 8 wt.
  2. JSzymczyk... totally agree.
  3. Indeed. I happen to know they use it quite a lot in neurosurgery.
  4. I have cheap bobbins and expensive bobbins. My all-time favorite is the Umpqua ergonomic model. Ceramic tube and offset "grip".
  5. Every now and then I rent a Bobcat to scrape my fly-tying desk. :j_k:
  6. This is slightly off-topic, but other than sticking little fly parts together, has anyone found any use for cyanoacrylate glues (Super Glue, Zap-a-Gap, etc.) in the "other" world... other than sticking one's fingers together if not careful?
  7. If money is no object, these are the "gold standard" of markers. http://www.dickblick.com/products/pantone-...in-marker-sets/ Immense overkill, IMHO... but different strokes for different folks!
  8. I think you'll be happy with JStockard. I've ordered a BUNCH of stuff from JS and have been quite pleased. I recommend Dr. Slick Scissors. My favorite bobbin is an Umpqua "Ergo".
  9. Purty good! Bet both of them will catch a few!
  10. Not sure what a "larger" McKenzie light is. It looks like there is one model where the light comes from the side of the end piece and another model where the light comes from the end of the end piece. Mine is the kind where the light comes from the end of the end piece. Here's the info for my McKenzie light adapter. Looks like you'll need a "switching adapter". Output +12V DC 1.5A REGULATED Plug 2.1 x 5.5 mm inside of plug is positive. The Part Number is SW-1215A I Googled the PN. looks like they are available from several places.
  11. I suggest picking up a spool of UNI 6-0 and a spool of Danville 210 in pretty much the same color and tying a few of the same patterns with each thread. There is a WORLD of difference between them. I have probably 12 spools of Danville 210 and about the same number of spools of UNI in 6-0 and 8-0. UNI is my go-to thread. Danville is my alternate thread. There are certain patterns that Danville just does better (IMHO).
  12. I agree. The hairbrush thing is the best idea I've seen. I've yet to get the hang of making mono eyes. More often than not, mine come out looking pretty crude. :dunno:
  13. Markers wouldn't be (and weren't) my first thought when getting set up to tie. Maybe a black Sharpie would come in handy. BUT... if you are into painting flies, by all means go for it!
  14. IMHO, Wooly Buggers for warmwater fishing can be tied with less attention to "classic" proportions. Probably the biggest restriction is whether you can throw it. If things get too out of hand, there is too much air resistance to throw them effectively.
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