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  1. thanks guy, I will try to get some of that this week. I am getting better with my EP and synthetics. I really love tying salt flies!
  2. how much do you use? I am afraid to put too much on and mess up the fibers.
  3. Hey Guys, I finishied up some bait fish patterns this past week, in hopes of some pond fishing for bass. I threw the first cast and BAM, fish on. I was very happy about that, but when I had him in hand and looked at the fly there was an eye missing. Next fish, next eye gone. How do you guys keep your eyes on the EP fiber flies? Thanks
  4. good points made, and I had an idea that was going to be the response. I may give one a try at the vise and if it looks like something close to a squid I will fish it.
  5. Here is a question about these giant squids. I have seen them on a stripers site as well and they seem to be good flies for stripers. I fish for stripers in a southern river, and I doubt any of our stripers have ever seen a squid. Do you think these would still work?
  6. I have a few different boxes, and for example I have a nymph box with different nymphs all lined up on individual lines. I have a compartment style box for my dry flies, separated by type. I have a streamer box as well. one day I am going to get good enough to have the nymphs by size and color :headbang:
  7. Thanks for the help. I will look into the stuff you mentioned. Some of that is over my head at this point, but I am learning as we go.
  8. Thanks guys, I am still playing with this pattern. My first attempt came out to yellow and soft, I guess my epoxy was not mixed well
  9. I have been toying around with the idea of tying a crease fly. I have the materials, I think. Should I put 5 minute epoxy on the outside of the foam or will something like hard as hull work? can I get away with just using the foam or do I need some mylar for the outer coating? Thanks
  10. Thanks so much for the info! I am pumped about the opportunity to get on some salt. I will be guided one day and fishing with a bud the other day, I am sure he has a couple of spots selected for us.
  11. I know this has been asked by several people, but I have never asked so here goes. Do these realistic flies get fished, or is it just the art that keeps people doing them? Thanks, and nice looking stuff.
  12. I know a guy that ties these and adds a foam tail on the end, in a delta shape. Nice looking worm. How does it cast with the weighted head?
  13. Thanks, I am about to read the article. I will also check out the color of the water while there to help with selection of flies. I am very excited to get away and hit some salt. I just hope the weather in Tampa cooperates while I am there
  14. thanks, it is rabbit fur instead of maribou. I did not have any other colors, but will get some thanks
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