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  1. Being fortunate enough to live close to the man himself (Bob), we shared some lunch and I picked up a fantastic set of flies. It seems everyone involved in this swap got their flies in early and I was the last guy to the party. But, that meant I was first to see the whole collection and I can most assuredly say, every swapper will be delighted. Thanks again Bob for this annual tradition. Our prayers are with you and your lovely wife.

  2. 11 hours ago, vicrider said:

    Dang jburge, you'd sit through a whole lunch with Fishin'Bob just to save on postage on return address? Would love to meet some of the board members but not a lot of fly fisherman in western OK. Some members in OK City and east where they even have trout but here it's farm ponds and bass.


    LOL, that's funny! And yeah, why should I buy stamps when I can either drop the flies at Bob's house, or even better, enjoy great sushi, BBQ, Mexican, and a whole lot more while we laugh and tell hilarious fish "stories." Oh, and this Cali boy is originally an Okie. Born in Midwest City when my dad was stationed at Tinker. Small world.

  3. Unlike the proverbial check, the flies are in the mail.

    The pattern is a March Brown Spider. From "The Soft-Hackled Fly and Tiny Soft Hackles" by Sylvester Nemes, here's the recipe (page 142):

    body: Mixed hair from hare's face
    rib: Narrow gold (small gold wire in this case)
    hackle: Brown partridge
    tying silk: Orange


  4. Well, I just finished lunch with the man, the myth, the legend, fishingbob himself. I walked away with a great set of flies. And what can I say? Thank you, thank you, to Bob for being such a great swapmeister, and to each of you who tied for this swap. I am grateful and very much appreciate your kind words and care as our family is walking through some difficult waters right now. No better group of folks around! Simply amazing.

  5. I'm feeling pretty privileged. Because FishingBob and I don't live that far apart, the man himself delivered an awesome Christmas package to my house yesterday, including a box of flies that look fantastic. Great ties by one and all. Can't wait to get these wet. Thanks tyers, and thanks Bob for keeping this all together even while dealing with home flooding. Sheesh, who knew that fishing in your local waters meant standing in your living room? Happy Holidays!

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