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  1. I'm feeling pretty privileged. Because FishingBob and I don't live that far apart, the man himself delivered an awesome Christmas package to my house yesterday, including a box of flies that look fantastic. Great ties by one and all. Can't wait to get these wet. Thanks tyers, and thanks Bob for keeping this all together even while dealing with home flooding. Sheesh, who knew that fishing in your local waters meant standing in your living room? Happy Holidays!
  2. Received a really nice package of flies. Great job by all! Thanks, BB for hosting!
  3. BB, I'm wondering if I'm in the same boat as Fishy Bob ;-) I sent priority with expected arrival 2/8, and still not there? Thanks!
  4. BB, Prince(s) have left the kingdom. (Sorry, couldn't resist). Sent priority, so you are supposed to have them Saturday. Thanks for hosting!
  5. BB, it'll be a prince nymph for me ;-)
  6. Fantastic set of flies courtesy of netabrookie. Wow, thank you! Beautifully tied.
  7. Been out of town for a few days, so imagine the big smile when seeing a mail package from vicrider. Woohoo! It's under the tree, and now I have to look at it every morning until 12/25 trying patiently to wait to see what's inside. An enormous thank you vicrider, for the work, the time, and the tradition. I'm glad to be a part of it. All the best and good cheer! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  8. Flies are flying your way. Should be there Friday.
  9. Had a burger and fries lunch today with Bob, and picked up a fantastic set of flies to boot. Thanks to all tiers, and big thanks to Bob for another just-in-time-Christmas-caddis swap. Merry Christmas!
  10. Fishing Bob told me he mentioned this on the forum... I was well back in an area on the E Carson river that doesn't get much foot traffic. Matter of fact I neither saw or heard a single person for 3 days. I had already set up camp, and had NOT gotten any kind of food or bear "attractions" out. I was sitting on my bear canister, reading, minding my own business, when I just happened to look up and see mama black bear and two cubs cruising straight for my camp. They had not seen me, smelled me, or heard me. My past experience has been to make some loud noise, and that pretty much scares 'em away. However, this time mama just stopped and stared at me for what felt like forever. The more I yelled the more it appeared she was contemplating what the heck. Mind you I'm also keeping an eye on the cubs because I did NOT want them between mama and me. The little guys fortunately had heard enough and turned back toward the direction they had come from. Mama though, paced back and forth, and finally decided to give it all up and meander off after the kids. It took a LONG time before they left and were completely out of my view. OK, no dinner at that time. I waited over an hour to make sure all was clear. I fired up my stove, boiled some water, and downed my Ramen in record time. Put it all away, stowed everything in the bear canister and left the canister about 80 yards away from camp. Another hour goes by. Again, minding my own business, I hear some grunting and look up to now see mama has returned and just crawled over a downed log not 30 yards from me. Headed my way and cubs are behind her. Heck no. I couldn't believe she waited two hours to wander back. At this time it's also sunset and getting dark quickly. Again the routine with yelling, making lots of noise, standing firm and being extraordinarily loud. The cubs turned, bolted and climbed a tree behind them while mama again paces back and forth not really convinced she should leave. Finally (and of course it felt like forever), she slowly meanders away to gather the kids and take off. I stayed up well after dark with headlamp and whistle at the ready. It wasn't exactly a restful night, but they never came back. All turned out OK, but I think my already grey hair turned completely white.
  11. Wow, I'm getting around to checking this week's mail, and man, oh, man, oh, man! What a fantastic set of really, really, well-tied flies. To all, thanks for all the hard work. To BB, thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration to get past the difficulties and attempt the challenge. Brilliant swap!
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