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  1. Hello everyone, What is the best way to connect your leader to your flyline? I tried the loop system but it catches on the guides allot.
  2. here is an ant I made, apparently this pattern is wicked for the bull trout and brown trout around here. Please tell me what could be better about this pattern! I find the hardest part is cutting the foam the same size. Wish I had those cutters i have seen online.
  3. Hey everyone, I was wondering how all you organize your fly boxes? Like what flys do you put in which box. ex. streamer box, nymphs, river nymphs etc.
  4. Hello everyone, glad I found this site! I am from alberta, I hope to make many friends on here!!
  5. Hello everyone, I saw this site while searching flyfishing on the internet.Awesome site!! I am glad I found it and joined!!. I am in grade 10 and have been tying for a year and a half. I live with my mom in Alberta. ( I dont have a dad) and she drops me off at the creeks, rivers and lakes so I can fish as much I can. We dont have allot of money and I do my best shoveling driveways and doing yardwork in the summer. I also have a paper route. My question is. Does anyone here have any scraps from tying or anything old your throwing out that I could possibly have? or anything else that has to do with flyfishing or tying that you might be giving away or broken and don't need that I could possibly fix and use?I don't have a fly shop in the town I live in just walmart. I do my best with what I have. So maybe when your done tying could you save your scraps for me? I want to be a biologist when Im older so I do real good in school and always look at the bugs and that stuff when im fishing! If I love flyfishing and it is something I will never stop doing. thanks and I hope to make lots of friends on here!!
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