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  1. That's a great video! Did he just turn the tubing inside out while pushing it over the hook eye? Guess I'll have to track down the ez foam product...haven't heard or seen of that before. Are those markers just regular old felt tip or are they some special type?
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll try this again...maybe it's due to using such a small hook and short length of mylar. I'm trying to tie on a 1/124 #10 hook. I want to replicate a very small minnow or shad type baitfish.
  3. Want to learn how to tie with mylar...tried before by cutting to length and removing insert and it just came unraveled...wanted to insert hook through it but no look. Can it be used like this or do you just wrap it? Any help Thanks Crappietyer
  4. Wanting to learn using mylar...how to? Tried cutting to length and removing lining but it just came unraveled...is this how you use it or do you wrap instead? Any help Thanks
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