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  1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it /David S.
  2. Thanks very much boys I think it looks kind of promising, too bad there's 7 months to go until I get a chance to try it out.. /David S.
  3. Hook: TMC900BL #12 Tail: CdL "Flor De Escoba" Body: Yellow rabbit ribbed with Pearsalls #32 Hackle: Grizzly dyed golden olive Wing: Lemon Wood Duck /David S.
  4. Here's the recipe straight from "The Dettes" by Eric Leiser, I'm sure there are other variants but this is the one I followed: Wing: White calf tail fibers Tail: Woodchuck tail fibers Body: Buff tan dubbing with rusty orange highlight (I used woodchuck under fur mixed with orange seal) Hackle: Grizzly and brown mixed The fly was not designed by any of the Dettes but by a guy called Francis Betters. /David S.
  5. Thank you! Yes, we might just as well call it a hair wing royal coachman I guess. As I've tried to keep the fly to the Catskill-style however, I thought The Quack was more fitting ;-) /David S.
  6. On today's menu we find a classic, The Quack /David S.
  7. Thank you, It's a divided wing but it doesn't show very well in the photo. Not that I think it makes much of a difference with the calf tail unless you split them really wide :-) That's some wrinkly stuff.. /David S.
  8. A pattern out of "The Dettes" by Eric Leiser. /David S.
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