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  1. Hello snjeshka, I would be interested in your favorite warmwater species in Croatia. tim Hi jacktjl! Well,I think I've already written somewhere;Asp,Largemouth bass,Pike.After these species will come on line the other,trout(brown and rainbow),chub,carp... In fact, have a great desire to catch"Glavatica"( latin name;Hucho,hucho),also known as Danube salmon!This fish exist in my area,but it is very rare, in the Drava River is almost extinct, there is still the Sava, Danube... Otherwise, the Drava is river which runs beside my city.
  2. There are all kinds of us! I would always change trout for asp,and even largemouth bass! There's nothing more exciting for me than an attack fish on topwater fly. Regards Snjeshka
  3. Very nice asp,troutbuster! The biggest asp in my area,lives in lakes.I knew seeing the fish 80-90cm.long.but never caught more than 70cm.
  4. Here is my 2 cents regarding the Peak and the Mongoose. I have a Peak Rotary and a Griffin Mongoose. As a rule, the flies I tie range from size 8 to size 14. In my opinion, the rotary function of the Peak is quite good. I got the brass accessories for the Peak, which make it look pretty cool. I prefer pedestal vises over C-clamp vises, and prefer the Peak pedestal over the Mongoose pedestal. Both vises have 3/8" stems, so the pedestals (or C-clamps) are interchangable. I prefer the hook access and hook holding power of Griffin vises (I also have a Griffin Montana Pro). When I first got the Mongoose, I found that the rotary aspect of it was not terribly smooth. I was aggravated to have to mess with my new Mongoose, but did some disassembly, adjustment, and re-assembly of the Mongoose to get the rotary function equivalent to that of the Peak. In spite of having to fine-tune the rotary function of the Mongoose, I like it better than the Peak. I must admit I am a little disappointed with rotary function! If delay jam nut to the end (right end position), rotation is locked-impossible.If I discounts jam nut (left position), is always present slack (space) at rotation.Slack is not great great but a little goes the nerves
  5. Bass(largemouth)is very interesting species. Unfortunately, from your list to vote,he is the only species that is in Croatia.
  6. Now I can finaly write,that I use Griffin Montana mongoose.
  7. Generally lighter colors give the best results in the clear water, especially white and yellow; In some cases,gurglers are also effective;
  8. I see on this forum many people from diferent parts on the world! Interested me,does someone of you catch asp? (latin name ASPIUS ASPIUS). This is one of my favorite spieces.I like to hear your experience if you catch this fish,and if there is a general asp in the U.S.? Regards Snjeshka
  9. Yes,probably with canoe from USA to Finland,and From finland to Croatia with horses! One popper for bass;
  10. Hi guys! Finaly,after 2 long months my griffin Montana mongoose finaly arrived! After using cheap vise(cca 20$)without rotary,quite a nice change now with griffin. I dont have to much time for photos,but here is one streamer,as I promised
  11. Just wanted to thank everyone for help! I must admit that I really was in a dilemma what model of vise will take!On the end I decided to Griffin Montana Mongoose! Choice betwen Griffin montana mongoose,Dyna king Barracuda junior,and Renzetti Presentation 2000,maybe not the best solution,but we will see! When vise arrive and I collect courage,I ll put a some photos of few streamers tyed on new wise. regards Snjeska
  12. Thanks all of you!Now I m realy in bigger doubt,then before! I have a cheap Sunrise,and rotary function is my priortiy for buying a new vise! unfortunately dont have possibility to try a few models of vise before buying.And Montana moongose is option because vise is from Montana! I know stupid reason for buynig!Now i ll consider betven Griffin,Dyna king or Renzetti Presentation cam 2000. Otherwise,most of my flys are streamers for asp,largemouth bass,and pike. Thanks guys again! Regards Snjeska
  13. Hi guys,and girls! First i would like to say hello all on board! It come time to purchase new vises.I dont have much experience with vises,so I m intrested does any of you have Montana Mongoose cam operated, and yours expirience with this model!Or anny suggestion for some another model in same price class(250-300$) Thanks Snjeshka
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