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  1. Very nice tie as always! Blessings,
  2. Wow ,wow wow !! You nailed it , just got to say it one more time WoW!! Blessings, Jeremy
  3. My friend you sure put the Wow in the flies you ty! Blessings, Jeremy
  4. wow! hope to ty as well as you someday! Your work is so amazing! Blessings, Jeremy
  5. Hey Kevin, Thanks for the kind words. They are tied on 2" copper tubes. The whole fly is about 4" to 5" Blessings, Jeremy
  6. These are some of the pike tubes i use! Blessings, Jeremy
  7. Wow Fred! You are one of the Master's! Blessings, Jeremy
  8. Amazing work my friend! Blessings, Jeremy
  9. Thank you so much for the encouragement, everyone! Yes, still lots of detail to add to the wings, I'm using human hair and 17/0 spider thread to build it with, using glasses that have a 3.75 magnification, so can not work long with them gives me a headache! Blessings, Jeremy
  10. Hi all,been a while since I posted, been dealing with health issues and family! I think I have finally come up with a wing, that will work for a dragon fly. Its not completed yet! Its very intricate to do and my time is very limited, and hand not so steady! Please add your imput I would love to hear from you all! I'm Inspired by you all! Thank You!
  11. Wow Sergio, Great work as always!! Question is it possible to see the underside of this one? Blessings, Jeremy
  12. How'd you get the hook through that without getting bit ? Wow Mike, Amazing !! Blessings, Jeremy
  13. Sergio, Wow ! amazing as always my friend Blessings, Jeremy
  14. Wow Sergio! When I grow up I want to ty like you!! Blessings, Jeremy
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