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  1. Hey everyone! I'm looking for the best place to order hooks online fornthe best price. Does anyone have success stories from this?
  2. Hey guys! I am looking for the best place to buy hackle to save money. I want to get the "good stuff" (capes, saddles, etc) but always flinch at the expensive price. I know that it will be used a lot but I have the hardest time buying it. I have white grizzly and olive saddles but would like to extend my collection - slowly but surely. Does anyone have any "go to" places for buying quality feathers for an unbeatable price? Thanks so much and happy tying!
  3. Hey Everyone! I know that we are supposed to be talking about tying but I have a general fishing question. I just purchased a TFO Conversion Kit for my TiCRx 8 wt. to make it an 11'3" two-handed rod and wanted to know if anyone has good/bad experience with this. If you have had successes, how would you tell me to use it (overhead cast, spey cast, etc) and what line has been the most beneficial? Also, if you have had failures with it - please let me know before I take it out and depreciate it's value. Thanks a million and have a blessed day! I'm hoping to tackle the rocks and the surf with it.
  4. I have heard great things about seducers when going after reds - does anyone have any color recommendations or interesting tricks? Success stories? I read a post on another topic that was talking about putting bead chain eyes close to the bend in the hook - does anyone have feedback on this? Thanks for the help. I'm heading to the coast this weekend and need some help.
  5. Hey everyone! I am having a hard time finding a template on the internet for a spoon fly - one that I can cut out and trace onto my copper tape. Does anyone have any handy or know a place where I can find them? Thanks so much! Also, what are some suggestions for tail color and bead eyes? Thanks a million!
  6. Thank you so much! This is awesome advice! It seems like there is a lot to putting on epoxy
  7. Hey everyone! I have a brief question. I just bought one of the epoxy drying wheels and was wondering what the order of operations is in applying epoxy to multiple flies. Let say I have 5 flies tied that all need epoxy - do I put the epoxy on the fly and then put it on the wheel and keep following that for the other 4 while the wheel is still spinning? Signed, New to epoxy
  8. This is my first post ever on this forum and a good one for me to begin with. I am passionate about my Traveler! It has tied #26 zebra midges for the San Juan and 2/O Seducers for the coast. I hope this helps.
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