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  1. Hello, I've been away from the fly tying forum for awhile, and I recently started tying again. I've spilled the little glass container of head cement all over the bench before while tying, and wasted the entire bottle. Everything is crowed on my bench, and I'm sure it's happen to others as well, and not just me I hope. There is better alternative instead. "I never thought of using fabric glue in a million years for fly tying, by pure luck I tried it, and it works! It's called Aleene's Fabric Fusion." If you purchase the larger bottle, you get almost a litre of this stuff for about the same price of 2 little bottles of head cement, but it's just so much stronger. One draw back though, you need nail polish remover to get off your and hands and skin. Try Aleene's Fabric Fusion, your flies will never unravel again, so if your whip finish isn't perfect, don't worry, this glue will never let the head upwrap ever again. -Flywrites
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