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  1. For those of you who missed the show, here are a couple of photos taken at the International of "Bugman" v/d Driesche with his beasties. Thank you again Paul, for your amazing gift! The mounted & framed stonefly perched on it's original conceptual drawing has now a place on the wall in my den. Although my wife seems to think it may one day fly off - or eat the dog!
  2. Here is a fly that works well when you are fishing sinking lines and trying to imitate full profile baitfish like bunker or herring. While a standard Clouser enables the fly to make a quick descent, the profile design is compact. Using the hy-ty technique, coupled with a series of hollow-ties at the head, gives the impression of a larger, full-bodied baitfish. Locating the barbell eyes further back on the hook shank allows additional room for the reverse tie at the head, and also balances the fly so it swims & tracks well. The hook used here is a Partridge 6/0 CS-45 AS Absolute. Another great hook for this pattern is the Mustad Aberdeen Perfect. With either hook, I usually slightly bend the shaft back from the hook eye.
  3. Hey Paul, How have you been? I just heard from Ad & the Fly Fair will be moving near to his house next year. I have been bitten by a Dobsonfly larva just like that one - hurts too, the voracious little b*&^%$#s! Jason Neuswanger has a load of great photos in interesting & detailed poses of all sorts of bugs on www.troutnut.com. I've included a shot that looks like your bug's brother! Another great job from the Dutch Bugmaster! Best regards, Steve
  4. There has been a wonderful posting of spey flies recently, and as one of the admirers, I would like to thank all of you for your excellent additions to my pattern base. Tobbe, your shrimp for "Miss C" is a gem, and Rex Hunt's flowing "Grey Spey" reminds me of the classic eagle patterns. Frank, always produces a quality fly and his Glasso "Heron" is no exception. I have had the pleasure of tying with Frank at a local flyshop, and he is always a crowd pleaser with his myriad steelhead spey selections. Just this morning I received several photos of a remarkable selection of tube spey flies developed from both the Intruder & Schumakov styles, by my friend & west coast steelheader, Stuart Anderson. Stuart's flies are always unique, and his knowledge of the tube fly is exhaustive. I am jealously posting these, wishing they were mine. Stuart, by the way, is the prime mover behind The Canadian Tube Fly Company (www.canadiantubeflies.com) and his site is loaded with flies materials & free information for those delving into the "Dark Side".
  5. Old Hat, I see Marcelo each year at the Fly Fishing Retailer's Show in Denver, and I'm sure that he would love to see this variation of his zonker series, especially so well executed. I've booked a week up on the Gaspe' this year and I think that I will copy your pattern & bring several along. If they get another season of high water, this pattern could be a real winner. As for Regal, if you would care to pm me with an address, I would be happy to send you the latest catalog. Steve
  6. Nice looking fly Old Hat, Kind of reminds me of a series of zonkers that Marcelo Morales did a few years back, also featuring the Coq de Leon collar. Your addition of the Chukar on either side of the throat should really vibrate the fly in current - nice idea, and very well executed. I also applaud your choice of vise. Steve
  7. Thanks again for all your comments. If anyone is interested in viewing the material in person, I will be tying at the Regal Booth at the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ on Jan. 23-25, and Tiefest, at the Kent Narrows Yacht Club on Feb.14. Steve
  8. Hello Evert, If you are from Zwolle, then perhaps you know a fellow named Ad Swier. He is many things, author, pike master, artist, etc., but best of all I call him a friend. He and Riny Sluiter (Caveman) are two fellows that I have met at the Fly Fair, and have a great respect and admiration for. Ad's book, "A Passion For Pike" is becoming well known over here among pike fishermen, and the custom vises that Riny makes are some of the finest I have ever seen. So welcome to you, and if you happen to see Ad or Riny, tell them that Steve said hello.
  9. Hello FF, Yep, that's me, and you are right. It is great material. Steve
  10. Hello Mike, It was very nice meeting you as well. Thank you for your compliments. Despite the economic climate, I thought that the show was very well attended and all the tyers I spoke with were equally positive about the turnout & activity at their booths. Not to mention the variety of materials & tying styles that were present. With regard to the Polar Pony, the included photo shows a number of go-to flies used around the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel, where deep jigging, full-profiled patterns usually in chartreuse really produce. The two lead headed flies at the bottom of the photo were cut from their leaders, shaken & laid down on deck with the others. They show little of the water they had been soaking in just moments before. The mane is great for smallmouth flies as well! Steve
  11. Hello Paul, Your fantastic flies amazed many at the International at Somerset. I know Bobby Meade couldn't get over your display of giant stoneflies. It was great to see you again and I hope you plan many more visits. I spoke with Henk yesterday. He is up at Spruce Creek with Eric & I plan to join them on Friday. I will be sure to send your greetings. Say hello to that lovely young lady you were with as well. Steve
  12. Thanks Pacres, It is wonderful material. The Icelandic horse is quite a unique equine, providing the fly tyer with tail, mane & body hair to use in a variety of ways for many species. Here is an example of what can be done using the mane & body hair in the Templedog style - or more correctly, Temple pony. By the way, Happy Birthday, hope you are having a good one! Steve
  13. Hello, After all of the positive comments I received at the International Symposium regarding the Icelandic Polar Pony flies, I thought I would post one. The Fly virtually covers my Regal Big Game vise, and by using the Bob Popovics Hollow-Fleye method in the body of the fly, the tyer can easily create an impression of bulk without the weight. Thanks to all who stopped by, see you in January at the Somerset Show. Steve Silverio
  14. Hey Palli, That's another beauty you've got. Were you guiding this trip or were you just up on your own? Did you get my email on the BFFI? Best Regards,
  15. Hello DTF, An even better idea would be to order the new Regal Revolution back or barrel section & stem. Regal's Revolution Series is their new in-line spinning vise. Using the barrel section with your standard vise head allows you to have 360 rotation, as well as the vertical adjustment. I have been using mine for about a year now and I love it, especially for large flies & also to make best use of Regals' tube fly attachment. Check it out at regalvise.com I've added a photo showing a standard vise head mounted in the Revolution barrel section. Good Luck!
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