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  1. Thanks guys, it's explaining a lot. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm tying nicer flies than I can find in the specialty shops. My background is 20 years of art, and a bit of a perfectionist. Needless to say I'm taking my time on my flies, but I've only been tying for about two weeks. Here's the 4th CJ I've tied. Anywho, so trying to summarize what I've received from all of this. Capes/Necks come from obviously the neck region. Saddles are the upper back area. Rooster Capes/Necks will have a variety of sizes ranging from 10 to 22, and the nicer the quality...ie Gold or #1, the greater the chances of finding smaller sized hackle included like for a size 28. Saddles are more consistent with in a size region. ie a saddle can range from 10-14 or 14-18 so to speak, just contain more feathers whithin the range. Roosters capes and saddles will both be generally longer than that of the comparable hens feathers. (hence the bit more of a price?) Qualities range in Pro-grade>Bronze>Silver>Gold or #3>#2>#1 You get what you pay for (unless you went to ebay) Now for more questions What exactly is the "webbing"? Im guessing "webbing" is not good? For someone starting out, I'm thinking it's smartest to get rooster cape as it will allow me to tie a range of sizes, and also can buy the Whiting Introductory which is 1/2 Cape of Brown, Grizzly, Cream, And Dun which I believe are the 4 major colors? Saddles are only necessary when you know you're tying a ton a couple sizes?
  2. Thanks for the replies. Let me make sure I have this right. First question though is, are there both capes and saddles from both a hen and rooster? or is it just a rooster cape and hen saddle? What I'm understanding is that saddles have a similar taper throughout the feather say one saddle will have a consistent hackle gauge while a cape has a lot more taper so will have a wide range of sizes to tie? What am I going to notice in quality. I've seen some "pro grade" stuff on ebay for what looked like a half way decent price and just didnt know if it's something I should take advantage of. is 30$ a good price for a Whiting Farms Rooster Cape Medium Brown Pro Grade?
  3. As I try to go through Charlie Craven's Basic book, there's several times he lists "so and so hackle" or "_______ cape". Is there a difference in whiting and hebert miner? I know they're both out of whiting but they're listed different on the website. The flies i'm trying to learn are as follows. I'm listing the fly - how it's phrased in the book - what I believe is the correct hackle... Prince Nymph - Brown hen neck or saddle in (larger sizes) - ?Hebert-Miner Hen Cape Brown? EHC - Brown Genetic Rooster neck - ?Whiting Rooster Cape Brown? Stimulator - Grizzly Rooster Neck Hackle - ?Whiting Rooster Cape Grizzly? Royal Wulff - Two brown rooster neck or saddle feathers - ?Whiting Rooster Cape Brown? Humpy - Brown and Grizzly rooster hackle - ?Whiting Rooster cape in both colors? I understand rooster or hen and cape vs saddle, I just dont understand when buying it from whiting, what kind of whiting to buy and when he list "hackle" if there's a "hackle" he is referring to, if he says "neck or saddle" which is better to use. Please help this lost boy! lol
  4. So as my first pair of scissors, I bought the Dr. Slick 4" Razor scissors. I also have a shitty 1$ pair i use for wire. 2 questions... In the best case scenario, what is the proper number/style of scissors for the tying? and at what price would you pay for Tungsten Carbide scissors? I have seen them listed for 80$ or so, but also found the metz scissors for 23. 5$ cheaper than I paid for my Razors >.<
  5. Im actually digging the bead backwards, it looks more like a realistic head.
  6. Yes, I was talking about Tiemco hooks. Sorry. I see the curvature of the 2487 or 2488, but it seems to me like the 200R would give the proper length with curvature for midges. ESPECIALLY when you get down to the smaller sizes like a 22 or 20.
  7. Curious to why most use a 2487 or 88 vs a 200R with midges. I feel like my midges are not the correct length and have thought about tie'ing on the 200r but I've only been tying for 3 days now
  8. Ladies and Gents, i just picked up a Renz Traveller from Craigslist. Where is the best place to pic up materials and tools for a decent price?
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