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  1. Thanks DarrellP, I got to wait until the fishing season opens here again in early 2021. Hopefully the Falcon will catch the interest of passing Salmon, I know it will move well.
  2. Amazing! Another successful Spacex launch. I was tying up a bunch of Willie Gunn tube flies at the time and just had to stop to watch the whole thing including the re-usable Falcon-9's perfect return. Somehow I started looking at the partly completed Willie Gunn in the tube tool with fresh eyes. Looking at that Falcon-9 back on the pad guided by those oh-so-well engineered Grid Fins, and with Salmon flies in mind, I suddenly remembered I had seen something on a Salmon fly that reminded me of Grid Fins and that was the Sarvijaakko Finnish salmon fly. So with apologies to Spacex, Willie Gunn and Dusty Miller, I present the Falcon Salmon tube fly, a 2020 innovation on the Willie Gunn. The tie is as follows: Tube: ½ inch (13mm) Tungsten front portion, fluorescent orange outer tubing at rear co-joined by fluorescent orange inner tubing, flared both ends, then fluorescent orange junction tubing. Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk 12/0 Black. Tails: Fluorescent Cock Saddle Hackle stalks tied in at the rear of the Tungsten tube – cut square then stripped, leaving a triangle of barbs at the tip; Black, Yellow & Orange. (Tails are intended to flex and vibrate in the downstream current, and the retrieve, after the ‘dangle’. (Inspiration for tails - Falcon rocket Grid Fins and the Finnish fly ‘Sarvijaakko’). Body: Silver Holographic Tinsel medium over Tungsten tube. Rib: Thread, 5 turns Wing: As per popular Willie Gunn; Fluorescent Bucktail mixed colours Yellow, Orange, Black. Head: Prominent/large Glo-Brite fluorescent No 4, several coats of Sally Hansen Double Duty clear nail polish over. Feel free to laugh, comment and innovate 😊
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