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  1. welcome to the site i hope you enjoy it! i know i do!
  2. i am glad to see that everyone likes the flies.I hope later on some on will host another swap....instead of my family a different one.
  3. hey bro nice to seeyou finally signed up flygirl :headbang:
  4. the swap is full with 11.so everyone11 wolly buggers please remember to post what color you are going to do. ps.dont forget the return postage. everyone start tying!
  5. the color im doing is black and copper! my brother (fcflykid) is doing an olive color.
  6. welcome to the site i hope you have a great time! happy new year! lil_flygirl101
  7. steelsmith04 your flies are lookin good ! did anyonen else start on their flies yet? :dunno: its ok if you didnt cause we have some time ps.if you didnt see the due date is going to be march 30th lil_flygirl101
  8. can anyone else explain it a different way????????? lil_flygirl101 :dunno:
  9. this is kid of a weird question you know how when you post a comment on a topic and it shows if you have if you are a be beginner or an advanced member or any other well i saw that some people had changed it and typed what they wanted can anyone help me? lil_flygirl101 :dunno:
  10. I was wondering if ten kids would be interested to do a wolly bugger swap (kids only)so the first ten with im in you can be in the swap! we have decided that the due date will be march 30th i think that will give everyone a chance to make their flies lil_flygirl101 hannah :yahoo: 1.lil_flygirl101 2.fc flykid 3. bluegillgirl 4. Gregg A-Zachary 5. steelsmith04 6. gary madore-taylor 7. butterfly 8.trout angel 9.jumprope 10.threder jr. 11.troutguy#1
  11. welcome to the site..............i hope you have a great holiday
  12. welcome to the site.........i hope you enjoy your holiday seson!!!
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