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  1. Welcome on the forum Andy. Good to see your works here. Cheers from Italy Alberto
  2. Hi Dave, the fly is very nice and superbly tied. If you ever want to give a try with a bigger hook (like the 9/0 you said) I could send you one. I am reshaping some old Mustad with heavy wire and the result is very nice (in my opinion). Long shank and beautiful barb and point. Just let me know. If you want pm me your address. It is the minimum I can do to thank you for the leaflet with the dressing that you sent me some time ago. Cheers Alberto
  3. You are lucky Mark, it's much better my wife does not see at all all the stuff I have in my fishing cave. She would surely bumb my Schmookler fly on my head....at least. Cheers Alberto
  4. Hi Timo, the fly is superb. Lovely wing and well balanced proportions. Good job. Alberto
  5. Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo anche a te Bruno. Alberto
  6. Dear friends, just few words to say that it was a great honor and pleasure to talk to all of you during this passing year. This is a lovely place to share informations, feelings and friendship among persons living in so many different places. At least a place in he world that is not effected by, wars, politics, ... and all the rest. Said that, I would like to wish to all of you and to all your families and loved ones a sweet and Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year. Your italian friend, Alberto
  7. Hei Dave, that's a real beauty. I like your style and the texture of your flies. Take care Alberto
  8. Hi Paul, good to see you here, and good to know that a fresh book will come out soon. I am afraid next January me and Fabrizio will be missing the nice afterdinner beers in Somerset. But we'll see you soon, maybe for fishing around your area. Who knows? Take care and my regards Ciao Alberto
  9. I never met Derek but I'll pray for him. My condolences to his family. Alberto
  10. They really taste antique. They are a real tribute to Ephemera. Very nice flies. Alberto
  11. Hello my friend, I am in urgent need of a scarlet macaw tail feather to make horns on some flies I have to tie urgently for a project. I have bought through ebay a nice feather one month ago but it never arrived in Italy. I did not understand if the seller did not send it or if it was confiscated by the custom here. (by the way, aybody knows if I can ask my money back through ebay if the itam has not arrived?) Anyway I don't want to buy another one on ebay because I am afraid it may happen again. Therefore I am asking here to the members of this forum if somebody have a feather or a piece (few inches) which he would like to sell or to trade with something. I need quite long fibers. I would be ready to pay or eventually to trade with something (for instance I could trade with two matched pair of grey peacock feather or some hooks). Any suggestion or proposal is accepted. But it is urgent. Thanks in advance to everybody. Alberto
  12. Hi Mark-san, it was nice to read all those nice things your wife Misa is doing. I am also in love with Japan (but my wife is Italian, and she is also loving japan so much). I had something special with japan for many years. First I spent almost 20 years cultivating Bonsai, then I got the acquarium (and Japanese are famous also for this). I work in the tea field and surely I am one of the few lucky gaijin who has enjoyed a real meal with japanese serving with two lovely Geisha (one Maiko and one Geiko, if I write it correctly). I am collecting tea pots and tea tools. And of course this passion for fly fishing and fly tying was good to meet many friends here in Tokyo. Actually at the moment i am in tokyo, just arrived. Only few days and I'll be back in Italy. I have been here more than 50 times in the past 15 years but everytime it is like the first. I love this place and its colture. Take care and my regards Alberto-san
  13. It's not fair Fabrizio. You enjoy your time here, chatting with Ted and the other guys and I am here in Tokyo working and swetting like a poor dog. What a difficult world !!!!!. Tell Ted when he comes in Italy he will have many more things to see than your flies. Something blond (or black) with big b..ps walking the lake shore. Nice meal, wines and a lot of fun....that's the italian summer. Anyway, very nice fly as usual. See you next week when I am back in Italy. Alberto
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all the members of the forum. Alberto
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