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  1. Not to hijack the thread, but my Metz hackle capes seem to be a lot better quality than the Whiting ones I've seen, why does everyone consider Whiting to be the best?
  2. Of course, but I didn't think the haystack was a dun pattern...
  3. Not to hijack the thread, but is it dangerous for the fish to be caught in the winter when food is scarce?
  4. Yes, the sparkle dun is me referring to a comparadun with a trailing z-lon shuck, I was not sure whether to include it in, but since I included the the quill body, I figured why not because I wanted to have a lot of choices.
  5. The champagne color is on whiting's website and it is a really nice color. I'm pretty lucky that the shop has so many necks in a lot of different colors. The only colors they don't have are other shades of dun and light ginger. Thanks a lot for the input!
  6. Thanks rockworm, great explanation, and by the way, the shop has a few champagne colors, could they be used for duns?
  7. Sorry to resurrect this thread but are you guys saying that the hackle you use is preference? My local shop has some dark brassy dun in stock, would that be okay?
  8. Thanks for the input guys, I'm gathering that I should get lt. and med. dun. And to whoever said the title is misleading, sorry, I meant dun as in a newly hatched mayfly, not the color.
  9. We all know good neck hackle is hard to come by and expensive, so I was wondering if I were to get one or two colors to tie duns for the upcoming season, which colors or color are the most "universal"? There are so many variations, med blue, lite blue, med dun, dark dun, natural, etc. so I'm a little overwhelmed. Thanks.
  10. Sorry. I didn't notice this was a poll. No need to apologize, just pointing that out
  11. In my opinion, fishing a dun emergence is the apex of fly fishing. Since many styles of flies are used to imitate this stage in a mayflies life, I was wondering what your guys' favorite style is to FISH, not tie.
  12. Great vid! Where is this exactly, I live in Bucks County and have almost no places to fish close by
  13. Looks great man! Another simple crayfish fly to add to my arsenal. Getting sick of patterns that call for ridiculous materials... When the fly stops the marabou should fan out like a crayfish in defensive posture too.
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