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  1. Rich, yes I plan to attend. We have to be in town that weekend because of a ceremony at church. I am going to be one of the elders of our church. However that is on Sunday so I plan to attend the early show on that Saturday...
  2. Guys, I have given up on Zach. He has not been active in almost a month on here. I will be returning an extra wiggle minnow to each of you. Eugward I send flies back to you on Saturday. Rich, as usual, you have a stockpile of flies in my basement. Joman, same for you. Kevin, we look forward to getting Sept and Oct flies from you in a few days. Just send one tin and I will put them both in the same package for you to save postage. Do you all want me to invite someone in particular to fill zach's spot or should I just put up a post asking for a replacement? -Forrest
  3. Guys, have any of you heard from zachxbass? I sent him multiple PM's but he is AWOL! Please let me know if you have heard from him. -Forrest
  4. I mailed mine on the 30th. The end of the month came quickly! -Forrest
  5. Guys, I have received only Jomans and Rich's flies for this month and it is Oct 3. I know Kevin said he will be put off until next month (thanks for the heads up!), but I have not gotten flies from the remainder of you guys. Can you all please provide an update? Much appreciated! -Forrest
  6. How are you guys doing with your Hellgies? -Forrest
  7. I went ahead and mailed what I had today. Zach, no worries, we will get caught up next month. I am not sure why your flies didn't show up. Every time I mail flies whether my own or your all's, I go inside to make sure the postage is good...... If you want you can just mail the Sept and the August together and I will return your August flies with the Sept ones, if that makes sense! -Forrest
  8. Zach, 9.6 brought no flies from your way. Kevin, glad we could add another fly to the mix! -Forrest
  9. Zach, they have not arrived as of 9.4.13. Hopefully they will be here today. I will keep you updated. I have been away from the site for a bit because I am painting my house. I have updated the original post with everyone else received. -Forrest
  10. Flies are back in the mail to you all. -Forrest
  11. I got the last set today! I will get them back out tomorrow or Wednesday. -Forrest
  12. Zach yours came today. Eugward, did you send yours yet???
  13. Blane I used to raise hunting dogs. I feel your pain. We have an Italian Greyhound right now. I hope the dog outlives my wife because my wife will not deal well at all with losing the dog. Sounds like we aren't the only ones a little behind, so it's no big deal. Thanks for the update. -Forrest
  14. Blane, I got a tracking number for them but lost the post office receipt.... They should be there soon.
  15. Did mine find their way to Riff yet???? -Forrest
  16. Zach and Eugward, how are you guys doing? Have you put your flies in the mail yet? Also, Rich thanks for having me out on your boat! -Forrest
  17. Blane, I only sent July flies. I have been very busy. However, there are some extra goodies in there that you should keep! Thanks for forwarding the flies to Riff. I appreciate it! -Forrest
  18. Dang it! I sent the flies to Blane in TX. I sent them out while missing this thread! Please help to correct this once you get the flies Blane and I will make it up to y'all. -Forrest
  19. Looking forward to the fishing outing! Time to break out a couple rods I haven't used much this year. -Forrest
  20. Flies are on their way back to you all as of 7.15.13. -Forrest
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