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  1. I'm retying (again). I can have them in mail by Friday. Ill actually go in to post office this time. I'm sorry for inconvenience. You can just mail mine with this months I guess.
  2. Mine were sent out last Thursday so you should have them anytime now if you haven't already. Not sure how much the holiday slowed things down. I ran out of white foam so some are yellow instead (shop was out of white)
  3. Started tying mine yesterday. I'm doing a white/ chartreuse wiggle minnow, size 4 stinger hooks. I've never tied these before so i hop they turn out alright. They look ok so far. Hopefully i can test the prototype out before i send them out.
  4. recieved my flies today, they all look like fish catchers to me, hopefully i can try them out sometime soon.
  5. What hooks are those? Very nice flies. I could see some local bass munching on them
  6. Sorry I haven't checked in in awhile. Flies are on their way. Hopefully you'll get them by Friday. I did size 4 hooks, brown foam, Orange legs, and grizzly olive shackle for the wings
  7. Very nice! I always look forward to your deer hair work
  8. Very cool, I love your deer hair work
  9. No, I should have but I had to drop it in the box real early in the morning. I don't know why it's taking so long. They have closed down our main distribution center here in dayton, so maybe that's why? I appreciate you patience with this. If they don't get there then just send them with the next batch I guess.
  10. Did either of my sets make it yet? I sure hope so. I have a feeling the first set is gone forever, but they can't lose 2 can they?
  11. I'm mailing a second set tomorrow just in case the first doesn't arrive.
  12. I haven't checked in in awhile, my flies should have arrived by now. Mailed them on Monday. If they don't get there today I'll retie them. If they do come in then I'll just have extras to fish with. Let me know when/if they arrive
  13. I think I forgot to toe tag now that I think of it, but mine are the rabbit tail wooly bigger looking things
  14. mine were mailed yesterday, i'm cutting it close, again. sorry. hopefully they be there in time. good news, i went on vacation last weekend to Norris Dam state park. only got to fish for about 3 hours, but i caught some really nice bluegill, and a nice little bass on someones swap fly... i forget who, the crayfish with the chartreuse legs, red eyes, Famil00 maybe?
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