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  1. Piker, we throw live crabs whose shells are hard as can be. The fish that eat them like Permit and Bonefish have crushers that smash them with ease. No need to use soft shells.
  2. AGN45. The head is clear cure goo that I put a thin coat on just to get the fibers back nicely, to build the head a bit and keep things from fouling around the hook. To start, I tied in a chunk off the back of the hook with some flash, then made a dubbing loop and dubbed in full length fibers though out the body. Finished it off with some chartreuse down the back.
  3. That's a Perm indeed. They have more of my respect than any other fish out there.
  4. Here's a pic of a little fly from this evening. Should be good for trout and may throw it in the surf this summer. Oh, and was down in the Keys last week and managed this beauty. Threw a fly a dozen times at the school, but they weren't interested. Had to throw a live crab. Hope that doesn't offend anyone here.
  5. Yes they do. Especially jumbo's.
  6. I've always steered away from tying EP bait patterns, but I recently gave in. Here's one for you.
  7. Do what makes you happy. That's the whole point of this sport anyway.
  8. Something about high grade grizzly hackle gets me excited. Head is palmered griz and EP turantula brush trimmed up.
  9. I've been fishing the Indian River. I'm tired of the lagoon. You see more fish there, but they get hit up so hard they tend to snuff a fly after a weekend of pressure. The fish are more spread out in the river, but when you find them they are usually bigger and more willing to eat. At least that's what I've observed over the last few years.
  10. Got on some decent fish today. This was the productive fly of the day. Fish were schooled up tight and tailing hard. Life is good...
  11. With tarpon starting to show I figure I'd add a few to the quiver. Enjoy.....
  12. Hey guys, I used Rit dye. It was a combo of yellow, green and a little brown. The flash is just a single wrap of EP brush. Can't wait to throw it.
  13. I've been dying some grizzly capes. Loved this green. A little lighter than olive. I have a feeling a trout or red will hammer it.
  14. So in order to secure some bow time for myself I've booked a guide down in the Keys in June to chase some bones, perms, and poon. In my excitement I've been at the vice already getting tied up. Enjoy.
  15. Andrew. That's exactly what they do. I have weighted the shank before too to get it down a bit. But they land soft, push a lot of water and will ride inverted, just sub surface. May be a pattern that will work for you.
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