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  1. Tard dans la soire'e quand il n'y a que moi et le feu.....je sculpte appa'ts de balsa. I catch beaucoup bass. I tye these for lots of men that toss the fly.
  2. ITs my maison. Last I made for last year ...Bass and Bream can not tolerate two of these....why I do not know........
  3. Oui mikechell. Plus belle quand vous flottez! A paradise. God only made one basin...........Tee
  4. Kirk I reside in Pierre Part Louisiana. In Lake Verret I fish, Belle River, Grassy lake, spillway and waters connected to. For speck and red fish its not a far from Point au Chend, Lake Mechant and Bayou Black area. I tye for float clubs that fish Grand Isle area in a Kayack. Bayou Lafourche is full of beacoup grand rouge. Tee
  5. Bonjour Stan. My best to do. I make all bodies myself. I use feather and fur from Louisiana that I entrap. Only things I send away for is hooks. I order flash and sometimes I trade flies for materials twice or once also too. All handmade and painted by careful . Tee
  6. Bonjour Kirk. Voila ce que lai trouv'e. Combinaisions de couleurs qui attirent patasa.
  7. Oui Kirk. You are so right. Its a deadly petite bait. Colors I make by trial catch the fish. Merci for your laud. Tee
  8. Petite grenouille en mousse. Une chose est sure.
  9. Brancher articule' curser de poisson rouge. Je prends beaucoup de rouges avec cet appat. Quand vous pechez eau douce vous...
  10. Remorqes d'ppats, lier deux derriere un getter patasa. La chose r'eelle.
  11. I make the pa ta sa . More petite. I speak the kings English but with the Cajun accent. I write and read better than spoken. T
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