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  1. First, let me state I have never fly fished for Muskie. I live in northern Indiana. A nearby lake has been stocked with Muskies for a good number of years. Many have escaped that lake and ended up in the chain of lakes I live on. So, starting in the spring my goal is to catch a Muskie on a fly rod. I am not sure as to what would be a good leader set up. My plan now is to go from the fly line to 5-6 feet of .012 diameter tippet, to 3 feet of 100lb mono crimped with a snap swivel on the end of that. Am I way off on my set up? I will not be offended if you tell me I am all wrong (lol).
  2. Well, that answers it. Thanks for the replies. I'll be going online somewhere. Nearest fly shop is a 110 mile round trip.
  3. Can I get craft fur at Jo Ann fabrics and expect it to be the same as craft fur from a fly shop? I apologize if this has been covered before. I did a search and found about a million hits.
  4. I live in Indiana and I have to travel a distance to fish for wild trout. In a game preserve near me there is a 6 acre pond that the DNR releases trout in. Everybody fishes with corn (and a fair amount corn chumming). I tied a small egg on a #12 hook with some lead raps with a yarn colored just like the corn. Nobody was catching anything. I caught my limit plus my friends limit. When we got done everybody wanted to know what I was fishing with. I add I was the only guy using a fly rod. Best egg I ever tied.
  5. I am sure now it is the Traveler. Thanks for all your input!
  6. I have a Renzetti vise and I would like to know model it is. It has to be at least ten years old. It is not a cam lock. I thought maybe if I knew what model it is I could upgrade to cam lock jaws. The only thing I found was an engraving that says Renzetti. Anybody out there that can help? It looks just like all the other vises they make. Is there another place on the the vise that maybe has a model name?
  7. I am going to be in the West Palm Beach area the week of April 1st.Is anything biting in the surf? I have some new flies I want to try.
  8. When I go to the Fly Pattern Database if I try to "Browse By Target Species" it's goes to a blank page. Anybody else have that problem?
  9. I can't see any easy way to send the patterns from here directly to ONE-NOTE via FireFox (my preferred browser) however you can send the web page to ONE-NOTE directly with Internet Explorer. On the menu bar at the top select 'Tools' then 'Send to One-Note'. This sends the entire page, photos and all, however it also includes the menus and miscellaneous links so if you don't mind a little bit of clean-up there is an answer. I was talking about a OneNote collection already put together. I have been collecting step by step fly recipes and cataloging them in OneNote. Just looking for a way to speed the process up by using other people's collections. Would be a really neat way to share recipes.
  10. Has anyone out there put together a One Note fly pattern database? I am trying to learn OneNote to begin a collection of fly recipes.
  11. I will be there around March 30th. My first time in the surf. I will be using my Orvis 8 weight.
  12. I stumbled across a video " Has anybody tried these yet? looks pretty neat. If you have used these tell me what you think. Maybe show off a fly you created.
  13. Thank you for the info. I am really looking forward to fishing the surf. Hope to maybe get a Surf Perch if they are around.
  14. I have never fly fished the ocean. I hope to try some surf fishing with my 8 weight rod (hope that's enough rod). What kind of flies would I need? What length and weight leaders should I use. Any help or suggestions would really be appreciated.
  15. Thanks guys. All would work well for me. It is great to be able to find like minded fanatics like myself.
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