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  1. Thank you all so much for your help! And the article was a great help. I was all set to start shopping when I received a kit as a gift. So, guess that settles that : ) I'm sure there are things we will upgrade starting with the vise! And there are a couple of tools I'll need to add. But this will give us a taste of tying and we can go from there. I am looking forward to the book I ordered as I'm having a little bit of a hard time understanding the instructions that came with the kit. Thank you all again, I'm sure I'll be posting lots more questions.
  2. lykos33, do you happen to have some photos of some flies you used it on by chance? Ok, here's some samples of body hair colors we have available. They are all very dusty but there is really no way to bathe the horses and not loose the hair soo, the colors when clean are much brighter than what is shown in the picture. There is grey (almost white) chestnut, bay, seal bay (almost black) and black. We have several horses that would fall under the chestnut color but all various shades. We have tail hair in all the same colors, mostly black. On the tail hairs I will have to just brush the tails and clean out the brushes. As far as the body hair, they are all shedding now and some have already stopped so I should probably give them all a good grooming and bag up the body hair. If your interested just give me your address and I'll ship it to you.
  3. Don't know if anyone knows a use for it but right now body hair is coming off by the bags full because they are shedding their winter coat
  4. I'd be glad to share....you might need to tell me exactly what you need. Do you want tail hair only or do you have a use for body hair? Should I wash it first? Can I ship it in just a plastic storage bag? I can show you what colors we have if you would like.
  5. http://www.jsflyfishing.com/cgi-bin/item/OF-900805-0000/85100/Danica-Danvise.html Is this a good vise to get started with? Thanks!
  6. Thank you! I ordered a book last night and will shop around for the supplies you listed this week. Do you buy most of your tools from the same place or do you like different things from different places? I have to admit those cute little wooden box kits and all the fancy foo foo flies are attractive! But, I'll be happy to just master something simple that catches fish. I'm mainly doing this for my son. I mentioned I thought it looked interesting and fun and he was all for me doing it. I can picture it now.....he'll come through the door and say "Hey Mom can you bake chocolate chip cookies and tie some more flies" : )
  7. Thanks! I don't know anything about fly tying but I do know horses and much like humans all hair is not created equally. Now if your finding it in your food (yuck!) yeah, a hair is a hair but I would think if you were using it for something important then the texture and strength would matter and I would think bleaching or dying it would change that?? What about those long hairs that grow under the horses chin? It's kinda whiskery, not as long as the mane but more like the mane hair than than the body hair, I bet that could be used for something. By the way if anyone needs some horsehair I'd be glad to send some your way. I have just about every color you want. I've been looking at our horses in a whole new light now. I'm wondering what I could make with that little chestnut filly's mane? It's a beautiful copper/red.
  8. I couldn't get the article on getting started on a budget to download but looks like someone recommended The fly Shops basic kit.Thanks!
  9. Hi! I'm just getting started and feel a kit would be the best place for me to start. If I like it and stick with it I'll upgrade as needed. I'm not even sure what tools are must haves as some of the kits are quite large. Can you recommend one to get started with? Thanks!
  10. Hi there! I'm new to this I will probably buy a starter kit and book in a few day but until then is there something I could play around with using things I may already have on hand? I love the idea of using horse hair as we have an overabundance of it. Thanks for your help!
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