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  1. It has been a passion for many a year to tie realistic shrimps i think that i'm getting close, what do you think? this one is a Polar Magic Shrimp V 2.0 thread: mono clear eyes : Magic shrimp eyes mouthparts: mallard horn: Polar bear dubbing: polar bear wool legs: oval silicone rubber 0.5mm schell: thinskin dotted light olive unterneath: Loon UV glue clear on top : Loon soft varnish you can see more ultralistic flies at www.seatroufisher.com or join my FB group seatroutfisher
  2. This fly is made for Scandinavian sea trout fishing, but i'm sure it will work very well with other fish you can see a step by step how to tie here 8 in Danish): Seatroutfisher.com or in English here at Scierra's fb site: scierra
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