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  1. What gauge wire was it that you used for the bobbin arms?
  2. Sorry if I missed it in a previous comment but what size are you tying those up in?
  3. I'm looking to try and find some small flats in the palm beach area so I can try and get used to sight fishing but I'm not sure where to start looking I would love to go to the keys but that trip is at least a year away for me and I dont want to have to pay for a guided trip until I get more comfortable with it
  4. I recently moved to fl and am now living in the boynton beach area not to far from the inlet if you know the area and sadly I cannot find a place to fly fish at all that dosnt require a boat does anyone know a place to go that is close to boynton I don't have a car .... Thanks to the mechanic before I drove down so I'm biking for the mean time now any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. I'm having problems with tieing wire bite tippet on to the end of my leader I tried using an Albright special but when I tested the connection it failed horribly wat could I do to attach the bite guard with out premature break offs? I was using 30# mono and it broke at probaly 15# of pressure
  6. What is the difference between hard mono and soft mono and any brands I have seen it used in reference as far as bite leaders and building basic salt leaders
  7. I'm looking to start trying my hand at saltwater and I'm not sure what materials to get or good cheep sources for them any input would be greatly appreciated I'm gonna be in the west palm beach area of FL if that helps
  8. I see for a bunch of salt patterns that they use mono as the tying thread is it a special kind or what pound test do they use?
  9. I think they break the thread off not cut it
  10. I have been trying to fish my local water for carp but due to heavy rain three weeks ago the water is still chocolate brown so locating them is nigh impossible any suggestions?
  11. I am considering trying my hand at tube flys I found a tube adaptor for my vice already (haven't ordered it ...yet) what else special will I need/want and where is a good source of tubes to buy or adapt from somethimg else I'm not picky.any suggestions? I primarily fish for Bluegill/crappie bass large/small mouth Trying to get a carp on a fly And soon pike/pickeral Just in case that affects any suggestions
  12. I got the idea looking at some EP flys
  13. Re sized the pictures, hopes this works
  14. First time I posted pics what size should I make them To show up Better
  15. Something I made last night, going to try them in a few days. Wondering what everyone thinks! Comment!
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